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Is Data Science a Good Career for Women?

  • Post published:June 1, 2021

Why are there fewer women in data science? Aren’t there any opportunities for female data scientists? Is data scientist a good career for women? Does the world even need women in data science?

The good news is: there are plenty of female data scientists in tech and their demand is loud! Prof. Maria Fasli, Cathy O’Neil, Danai Koutra, Medb Corcoran, Naomi Hanlon. I have named only a few. But, women around the world are now showing complete interest in technical roles.

I shall let facts do the talking!

Women in Data Science

The Facts

The modern technology ecosystem has publicized the significance of having women in tech roles. There is no shortage of positions for female data scientists because companies demand the collection and analysis of business insights and other information.

Companies have begun to appreciate the need for data scientists, especially in the U.S. For consecutive four years, data scientist has been named the leading job in the United States by Glassdoor.

Moreover, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics outlines that the employment need for data scientists will rise by 27.9% through 2026.

When talking specifically about the present state of women in data science, it feels like women are just getting started. I cannot conclude this argument without talking about Emily Glassberg Sands.

Inspiration, no fairy tales!

She is the Head of Data Science at Coursera. As you know that Coursera is the world’s largest platform for higher education, Emily leads the end-to-end data team. She is a Ph.D. in Economics and has a splendid list of awards and honors she won at Harvard University.

Looking at her success, do you think women should refrain from pursuing a career in data science? Absolutely not!

The Facts

Women in Tech

Lillian Pierson, PE, CEO of Data-Mania, LLC, is one of the expert female data scientists we have today. She is a three-time author on the topics of AI, big data, and data science. I am going to quote exact words here because they are self-explanatory.

“The fields of data science and analytics are absolutely exploding with opportunities. For men and women alike, there are plenty of opportunities, The issue for women in data science is getting them trained in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics areas). We need more women in STEM, period.”

Lillian Pierson
Women in Tech

We Need More Women in Coding

Women need to know that they have a prosperous career in data science. They must use their confidence, coding skills, math, education, communication, and analytical skills to consolidate data sources. But, why is it that women do not enter into the data science profession? Why female data scientists leave their jobs too soon?

The main reasons are that girls feel dispirited when electing mathematics or computer science as major subjects. You usually hear boys saying ‘I am good at math’ and girls saying ‘I am just not good at mathematics.’ It is because women are discouraged from performing well in mathematics but stay best at media, arts, biology, etc.

My take on female data scientist leaving their jobs is that companies should make this an attractive field for them in terms of policies so that they could work alongside men.

We Need More Women in Coding

Women in data science earn this much in the United States! updated its salary report in May 2021 and it said: the average salary for a data scientist is $119,725 per year in the United States. Lucrative, right?

The Future is Feminist!

As long as companies present data science as a lucrative career for women, I am sure a larger number of females will opt for it.

This is not the time to lose female data scientists!