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We Fly Together

  • Post published:May 22, 2020

History never forgets those who sing in the face of atrocity and dark times. And the future belongs to those who have the preparedness to remain together and steadfast during these challenging times.

By remaining mindful of the situation, we at Nextbridge are prepared to tackle the challenges for the protection of our workforce. Living in self-quarantine with uncertainty looming overhead doesn’t stop us from staying connected with our loved ones and employees.

Many companies are urging employees to work from home. It is of paramount importance to us that we do all necessary measures to protect the welfare of our employees including their physical health, mental well being, and financial needs.

If you are looking for a dose of optimism and what it likes to be united at front. This article is everything that you need right now, for positive vibes. The world might be adapting to the “new normal.”

Here’s a glimpse into our world and what we are doing:

Sticking Together: United by Hearts and never apart

Motivational sessions and weekly events have always been a norm at Nextbridge, but now it has become our top priority. Whether it’s the occasional motivational email from our CEO or the regular online webinars by managers, we are all in this together.

To never forget:

Sticking Together

Our most valued assets: Our Employees

We understand that it is difficult not to stress about the future of what’s coming ahead. This is the most important act of compassion, that one can do to stay in touch. You have to keep everyone together, even if you have to slow down a bit. That’s what families do, right?

Our most valued assets

Nextbridge Family is also having one hell of a time by sharing lots of fun activities that can be done at home. These mental health and fun-filled activities include members:

  • Showing their culinary skills
  • Setting up workstations at home
  • Sharing their favorite memes
  • Organizing Online Literary Sessions

It is not something new for our workforce to fight the challenges, and we shall rise from this stronger than ever.

Silver Lining and the power of Positivity

It is the most powerful sign of great leadership that they bring people together by all means necessary. For us, social media channels have become a ray of hope to make our bond stronger.

Leading our workforce, we not only appreciate the extra hours and long shifts that some of our hard-working champs are putting in. We also hold open discussions to provide emotional support to our teams.

To hold bonding activities will help the employees to adjust to these new dynamics of remote work. Therefore we share everything from kitchen adventures to workstations and everything that we do in between.


Social distancing is important for our safety, but we’ve managed to find a middle ground for staying together while staying away.


Work productivity is not compromised, but the working hours are flexible. So, give relaxation to your employees dealing with family responsibility and other work-at-home challenges.

Thinking of how to keep your employees motivated? Here’s what you can do:

You don’t need world-leading experts to keep your employees proactive. Let them take their time to adjust, meanwhile readjust their focus. Here are a few steps, it’s like rediscovering the “new normal” way of life.

  • Give Flexible Hours and partial work autonomy
  • Arrange informal online webinars ( we have been using Zoom)
  • Online conferences and Skype calls to discuss work or life-related challenges
  • Give them the space to express and not obsess over little things

And all these activities will help them to be more responsible, motivated, and transparent. It boosts their confidence and re-energizes their spirit.

Our social events have now shifted from office settings to now online virtual rooms and video calls. Its a different but interesting experience, and we are enjoying every bit of it.


More communication brings clarity for both the employer and the employees. So as a united world, our collective efforts will help us stand strong against any challenge.

This is just a simple survival guide to stay put and keep your employees together during this time.

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