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Utilizing AI to Develop Futuristic Applications

Utilizing AI to Develop Futuristic Applications

  • Post published:January 25, 2023

AI is the ability of a machine or software to learn from the experience and data available, then continuously improve itself. Over the past years, the popularity and importance of AI have reached the sky. Saying that AI has evolved over a few years would not be an overstatement. The use of artificial intelligence is involved in every field these days. From smartphones to business and even healthcare AI is everywhere to be found.

We have AI as a result of tech evolving and improving over the years and it is spreading in every direction rapidly. These days it is the center of attraction in almost every business. Why? Because with AI integrated into anything the experience and results improve significantly. 

Let’s have a look at where AI is being utilized and how it is used to develop futuristic applications. But before that a little overview of what it is. 

What is AI?

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence which is training a machine to think and behave like humans. Machines and software can be trained to be artificially intelligent by training a model, which is software-written code. The model is trained on data collected which can be in textual, pictorial, or video format. Machine learning, Deep learning, and Neural networks are the pillars of AI.

Use of AI in Developing Futuristic Applications

Over the years AI has advanced and with time it has been adopted in many fields. Today we see technologies and applications taking advantage of AI which we think wasn’t possible a few years back. Following is a list and detail of fields where AI is being used to develop futuristic applications.

Self-driving Vehicles

Companies like Tesla come to mind when we think of self-driving cars. However, many other companies are not only working but have made considerable space for themselves in autonomous driving vehicles. 

Using machine learning to train the software to think like humans, where it stays in the lane, watches the vehicles ahead and behind it, turns slows down, and even speeds up, avoiding collision with objects and accidents are the key features self-driving cars can perform. 

These are performed with the help of cameras around the car, radars, and GPS. Blind spot monitoring, emergency braking, lane assist, and lane departure are the features provided that improve the driving experience. 

Navigation System

Navigation systems in cars have improved a lot where they can now monitor the lanes and maps then adjust the lane themselves and turn where needed. On top of that, accurate and timely details of real-time road and traffic conditions are updated and the navigation is adjusted to it automatically. This technology is used by taxi and logistics companies.

Fraud Prevention

AI is good at detecting and preventing serious issues like fraud prevention. In e-Commerce, hundreds of frauds happen daily and AI is already helping in preventing and catching perpetrators. 

From personal to consumer finance and consumer money, fraud is involved everywhere and AI has helped prevent it and improve customer experience by giving them a sense of security. 

AI can detect changes in patterns like shopping and transactions, it keeps track of user location and area so any change in the typical information about the user the AI recognizes and informs the user. It can also halt the account temporarily until the user contacts.

AI in Education

AI’s integration into the education system was a little late but it is now improving the quality of education and productivity among both students and teachers. Here is a list of the few ways it is improving the education sector. 

Automating Tasks

Automating tasks like sending messages to students, updating the mark sheet, arranging meetings and other routine tasks saves a lot of time for both educators. They can then spend that time focusing more on improving the quality of study material or spending more time with their families. 

Smart and Interactive Content

Converting the learning resource material into interactive and smart content has made learning not just easy but fun and the results are speaking for themselves. Especially for children, interactive material is easy to learn and remember. 

AI has also helped in creating rich learning experiences through audio and video content with availability to all, especially during COVID.

Spam Filters

Almost all email services today have spam filters which help separate emails that you do not want help filter the important content and bring it forward. This helps students a lot to filter spam from important emails like submission deadlines. 

AI in Social Media and Marketing

Social Media

Customizing your social media wall with the content you like is possible with help of AI, as it takes note of what content users are watching and interacting with the most. On the other hand, with help of natural language processing AI can understand the tone of conversation which detects hate speech, prevents propaganda, detects fraud, and removes hateful content. 


Using AI marketers can deliver personalized content. Using AI marketers categorize their audience, know the perfect time to market for better results, know what users are looking for and gain their trust.

AI is helping brands with marketing by making the brand’s voice prominent and pop. Chatbots are helping customers find what they need instantly without any human involvement. 

AI is providing users with personalized shopping items on eCommerce stores and online as well as showing them content and items based on user behavior. Users’ personalized data is also used to tweak and better the marketing campaigns. 

AI in Robotics

AI-powered robots are used in many fields from construction jobs to healthcare and many others. These robots can detect objects, avoid obstacles, get real-time instructions to perform tasks, carry heavy goods easily, and keep track of inventory while performing other tasks. 

In healthcare, robots can find objects to remove from parts of the body and find and sew wounds. However, this is still at the initial testing stage and not widely accustomed. 

AI in Agriculture

In agriculture artificial intelligence is a great help, it can perform tasks in hours which took days. For instance, detecting and destroying weeds in large fields took days and the results were not as efficient. With the help of AI, now a tractor goes through the field and AI detects and destroys the weeds instantly. On top of that, there is no use of fertilizers so the crops are healthier and better. AI can also help sow and harvest crops efficiently, quicker, and at a bigger volume.

AI in Gaming

AI in gaming is doing wonders, from creating smart NPCs to side characters interacting with the main player, players’ interacting like humans, and reaching the nearest to the laws of physics in games has changed the gaming industry as well as revolutionized the gaming experience.  Some games can even predict human behavior and improve themselves to give tough competition. 

Wrap up

AI is doing wonders in every field it is adopted in, with time AI is destined to improve and thus its implementation in developing futuristic applications will also refine. The sooner a company or industry adopts the use of AI the better it will become. So, if you are still thinking of adopting do so now, hire AI and ML engineers, and get your product developed.