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5 creative Contact Us Page examples for you

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“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

Edward de Bono

When you think of designing a website for your client or your business, you perhaps focus on the content, look and feel of the user-interface, perhaps menus and boxes, but what about the ‘contact us’ page?

If you have a website or you deal in designing one you must know that for many websites the ‘contact us’ page gets more sights than any other page.

For the reason that the contact page holds such great value, this article will show some great contact us page examples that will inspire you to break down the barriers of creativity and force you to design compelling contact us pages in the future.

Address Barriers

What holds you back from being creative? Is it a lack of interest, time, or resources? What is it that limits your creativity when it comes to designing contact us pages?

Corazza is a full-time professor at the Alma Mater Studiorum at the University of Bologna. In one of his TED talks on Creative thinking, he motivated the audience on ‘how to get out of the box and generate ideas.’

“To think creatively, to go out of the box, is not a luxury. It’s a necessity for us and our dignity as human beings.”


He further went on and said, “We must have a clear definition of which box are we talking about – it’s not our mind; we cannot think out of our minds, it’s a boundary within our minds. The boundary between what we know and what we haven’t still, or yet, thought about.”

Essential Elements for the Best Contact Us pages

Why do you need a contact page? There’s a lot of debate about this. But, if a visitor lands on your site, how do you think he can get a hold of you?

Of course, contact us pages will encourage them to reach out to you if only those pages reflect why they should contact you.

Here are some best practices that can play a part to begin your relationship with your potential customer:

  1. The Headline slogans are engaging and fun to read
  2. Call to Action: the websites make a visitor contact them
  3. Looks legit
  4. Location is available which creates credibility
  5. Avoid unnecessary words, graphics, and columns
  6. Creative page designs
  7. It must include a form that is easy for the user to understand
  8. Email addresses and proper contact information must be there


First of all, why do you think a contact page must be creative?

Many website owners don’t trouble about the contact us pages. The sole purpose is not just to add a contact form but, if you do not get qualified leads from that page then you must think of ways to improve your page design.

Continue reading as we are going to show our picks of the top contact us page examples to make your contact page fully-optimized for conversions.

The contact us page examples will help you in getting better leads, censor irrelevant sales pitches, and save you from losing a potential customer.


Zendesk is a CRM company that was conceived in the year 2007, the company builds business software for improved customer engagement.

  • If you check the look and feel of the website, they chose a minimalistic approach for their web design. As the world craves minimalist; the website directly conveys the message without the unnecessary focus or irrelevant elements.
  • It’s clean and sleek.
  • The contact forms for the sales department is separate from the help center department. As they have offices around the world; the complete addresses along with maps and contact numbers are straightforwardly given to avoid any confusion.
  • The page reflects why you can contact, for what purpose, and the right medium to contact. The social media icons are well placed at the bottom for you.

Zendesk tops our list of the best contact us page examples for you to tweak your own.

We would rate it 9/10. How would you rate it?


YETI’s story begins with two siblings Roy and Ryan who always had a lust for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing and traveling to out-of-doors trade shows was their passion.

They came up with this idea of making coolers for serious outdoor enthusiasts and that’s how YETI was born.

  • Just as the product reflects, the entire theme of the website is pretty much cool. From the main image of the Himalayas to the white cool background.
  • The modern font choice, also the tag-line is very catchy as it engages the customer by saying “Still can’t find what you’re looking for?” As if they are trying to tell you that you won’t find the solution anywhere but here.
  • The website has separate contact us forms catering unique entity and there’s some additional information attached to the pages too.
  • The contact info for each center is separately provided along with office timings, as well as social media link pages.
  • Plus, they do offer newsletter service at the bottom that is very engaging.

YETI comes as second on our list of the best contact us page examples for you to get inspired.

We would rate it 9/10. How would you rate it?

Did you know YETI is a fictional monstrous creature that is believed to be existing on the Everest?


Urban influence is a brand winning firm specialized in strategy, branding, graphic design, web design, video animation, and interactive content.

Let’s talk about the page design.

  • It starts with a very strong engaging part that shows you why you should contact them. The message is made pretty straightforward.
  • The contact form is very simple that is easy to fill out to get started.
  • There is a map attached with a separate address part displayed above that makes it easier for you to connect with them at any time.
  • The social media profile links are professionally shown at the footer giving you a helping hand to painlessly reach their social platforms.
  • As dark is the hottest trend; the master use of dark color creates a look that’s edgy.

Urban Influence takes the third position on our list of the best contact us page examples because of its uber-chic look.

We would rate it 9/10. How would you rate it?


Media Proper is a full-service website design and optimization firm. They offer custom-made user-centric websites to connect with your businesses to the digital audience.

  • You may notice from the above images that the designer tried his best to give the page a classic look i.e. clean, simple, and elegant.
  • The color tones are well-matched with a modern twist to the font, a design that adds a dynamic and fun element to the page.

Due to this, Media Proper takes the fourth position on our list of the best contact us page examples.

We would rate it 8/10. How would you rate it?


“Because a single traveler can’t live to see it all.”

Via let’s travel somewhere

What do you love most about travel? Is it to meet different cultures, to escape reality, or you just fancy ultimate adventure?

People love to travel for the reason that it unlocks their minds when they are exposed to new places, people, and cultures.

  • Let’s travel somewhere is a travel blog projected by Nisa Myer. Her vision was to capture the essence of each country thru her magnificent photography.
  • That is why let’s travel somewhere comes fifth on our list of the best contact us page examples for you to relate to the sensation of finding the inspiration through new experiences.
  • The contact us page shows a postcard to get in touch with Nisa, also social media links can be used as another medium for communication.
  • The icons displayed at the bottom of the page will take you to some separate pages upon click; the part where her stunning photography is exhibited along with a detailed description.

We would rate it 8/10. How would you rate it?

Are you aware of any other creative contact us pages?

Of course, designing an artistic page can be thought-provoking but there can be another great contact us page examples to draw inspiration from.

We encourage you to share your recommendations. We await your responses in the comment section.

Do you want to mend your contact form page design?

We are here to help in case your business website or your client’s business website needs improved contact us pages.

Feel free to reach out to Nextbridge!

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