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Top 10 Website Builder Platforms for Startups

  • Post published:March 3, 2023

Regardless of the significant value that coders, developers, and designers can add to your site, they are still costly to hire! The industry is packed like sardines with professionals and experienced experts, but hiring them means spending a fortune. 

Plus, now is the time to implement the “out with the old and in with the new” concept to the web development field and look beyond hefty coding. You would nod in agreement with the above said statements if you’re particularly looking forward to a startup. 

Resultantly, website development has been made cost-effective and easier with the inception of these 10 top website builder platforms for startups. Must give a read!

1. Wix- Stepping Stone towards Success!

Are you up for a venture but lack knowledge of coding and designing? Fret not! Wix is an all-rounder site builder platform for startups to help them get a competitive edge. It is not just a site but an emporium for purpose-built sites. 

Well-crafted templates, SEO tools, and other exemplary features of Wix enable creating a website for any niche you want without breaking your budget.

2. WordPress- Tailor It to Perfection!

WordPress is an avant-garde content management system and website builder that is running more than 65% percent websites presently. Being an open-source and free of cost platform it opens up vast majorities for blooming businesses as well as the newly emerging ones. 

WordPress stands atop, but it also requires technical handling to assure security, error analysis, and code customization.

3. Shopify- Sell it Everywhere from Anywhere!

What comes next to a website development is its management for improved marketing and sales. Shopify is a user-friendly, SaaS website builder platform for startups that provides an array of selling tools, and great grounds for marketing for every online store created here. 

Immediately after signing up, you can set up your sales channels that could be anything ranging from social media to a website, other online stores or an onsite retail shop. 

4. GoDaddy- Get a Free Domain Now!

Creating a website on your own might appear as a drudgery, especially to the beginners. GoDaddy has simplified it by offering cost-efficient and convenient e-commerce and e-marketing tools. 

Due to the amalgamation of high-end features with a free version and innumerable templates, GoDaddy has become a front runner in the race of website builder platforms for startups. 

5. Weebly- Get it All Done Conveniently!

A  drag and drop website builder like Weebly can save you from investing time more than it is required in building a website of your choice. The flexibility of payment and ease of development offered by it makes the simplest website builder platform for startups. 

Additionally, Weebly has high-end security options, app centre, more than 40 themes, and a built-in blog besides other e-commerce features.

6. Zyro Website Builder- A Boon Business Companion!

A personalised website that could speak of your brand is a dream to have! If you think the same then Zyro could be your best bet! With its unmatched features it will not only be a platform to build a website, but will also be driving traffic to it through smart SEO techniques. 

Over 250,000 business owners have preferred using Zyro because of its out of the world features including custom templates, AI tools and a money back guarantee of 30 days.

7. SquareSpace- Galleria of Innovations!

Haven’t you found an easy way to develop your site yet? If not, SquareSpace will provide you a ground with convenient interface, manageable sites, SEO tools, innovative templates, etc. 

Besides this, there are multiple stellar qualities including prompt customer support, timely security updates, and cohesive e-commerce assistance that will take your business to the heights of success. 

8. HostGator- Expedited Traffic and Sales 

Have you made a website already, but now the stress of making a confounding online presence is getting on your nerves? Let HostGator eat it up! With three different plans that you can choose to work with, it gators traffic on your site no matter through which platform you have created it. 

HostGator invokes scalability and functionality by counterbalancing the cost and features. 

9. Duda- Adds a Turbo Boost to Revenues!

Business owners prefer making websites to boost their brand’s visibility that as a result will speed up fame and sales.Duda does exactly the same for its users! 

This is one of the best website builder platforms for startups as it helps them survive by expediting revenues, opening doors for white label marketing, Duda.U certificates, and other awe-inspiring features.

10. BigCommerce Website Builder- Adaptability, Scalability, Agility!

When it comes to casting around for the top website builders for startups, BigCommerce dominates its competitor SaaS platforms. The kind of flexibility, scalability, agility, and limitlessness you are yearning for can be provided by BigCommerce in an instant. From the standard plan to the premium ones, the users get an option to make a choice according to the requirements of their project. 

Give Your Business A Boost!

According to a statistic, more than 63% of your customers can engage with your business online if you have a captivating website. Are you a beginner? Trying to get a break in the field? But, worried about how to make it possible? This guide has revealed everything you need to know about the top website builder platforms for startups!