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Fact-check: Tech Stacks are expanding

  • Post published:April 20, 2021

How do you attract developers? What are the unconventional ways of enticing top software developers to join your firm? For them, the only major factor in assessing a job offer is the technology stack they get to work on.

The top developers don’t care for money, co-workers, or the environment. It is the code! The tools and languages you select leaves a heavy impact on your company’s ability to develop and deploy software.

So, choose any technology stack wisely.

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What is Impacting Tech Stacks?

The pandemic has led several IT businesses to shut down their offices. Luckily, this situation has provided an opportunity for employees to work in the comfort of their homes. Work from home has become the new normal. Companies have truly embraced the remote-working model and are likely to continue to do so even after the epidemic ends.

The worldwide panic situation has had a transformative effect on the IT industry. The rapid shift to eCommerce platforms has accelerated the demand for websites and applications. As the world starts to adopt more and more software, the demand for technology stack is expanding.

What is Impacting Tech Stacks

The number of mobile applications and websites is severely growing. There are 2.87 million applications for download on the Google Play Store, as per the 2021 Google report. The Apple App Store has 1.96 million applications available for download, as per the Google report. There are 1,197,982,359 websites up and running worldwide as of January 2021, as per siteefy.

If you take a look at the current stats, it seems like the demand for good technology stack is there!

Tech Stacks for 2021

Are you up to date with the web and application technology stack for 2021? As you know, the Information Technology world is growing, the technology stack is evolving too. To make 2021 a prosperous year for you and your businesses, following the right stacks is a must.

So, I have equipped a list of the finest website development and mobile application tech stacks for your ease.

Tech Stacks for 2021

Website Development

Client-Side Programming:

  2. JavaScript

Server-Side Programming:

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Python (Django, Flask, Pylons)
  3. PHP (Laravel)
  4. Java (Spring)
  5. Scala (Play)

Application Development

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Android SDK
  4. Hybrid App
  5. Cross-platform App

You are not acquainted with the point that selecting the correct technology stack guarantees the performance of your product. If you’re a tech company or a part of the sector, you must have notices why some tech companies are worth billions? Let me help you glance at some solution stacks that billion-dollar companies are using and why.

Application Development

What’s their technology stack? This is an article that I wrote last year. I presume you must take a look at it to learn more about solutions stacks and their worth in the IT market.

In a Nutshell

How does your technology stack compare to Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb? You will understand the importance of a technology stack if you take a look at the languages these billion-dollar companies use.

Netflix chiefly uses Python, JavaScript, Java, Swift, and Kotlin. Frameworks and libraries such as NodeJS, Restify, Falcor, RxJS, and react.

Uber uses Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, Objective-C, and Swift. Frameworks and libraries, for example, NodeJS, ExpressJS, React, JQuery, and Backbone.JS.

Airbnb uses JavaScript, React, Ruby, other libraries and frameworks for front-end and back-end.

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