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Smart Dust: How will it Impact the Future

  • Post published:August 7, 2020

Smart dust is mostly associated with IoT and it is said to revolutionize the world. Wise people often remark such unique situations as bigger things coming in small packages. In this case, it’s literally true as smart dust also known as neural dust is already set to revolutionize the world as we know it.

Have you ever noticed how everything is shrinking in size? But, it has a bigger impact on the world, thus it leaves consequences. I mean, think about it. A peck of dust causes a ripple effect and yet it continues. To understand and kick things off, we decided to know about this technology and its real-world applications.

Now! you will get to know all the buzz about this smart dust and how it moves us.


Smart Dust – Magical Future Technology

Growing up whenever I watched something magical, it would appear that once the screen was off, there was no magic. As I ventured on this journey to know about smart dust, it appears that technology is really magical.

How do you define smart dust? You can relate it with nanotechnology because smart dust consists of hundreds of wireless tiny sensors that can detect, monitor, and identify things like movements, vibrations, temperature. These tiny sensors can be used to track different things, whether inside the human body, out in the space, or happening inside closed doors of a building.

Isn’t it spooky though? I mean we are talking about really tiny, tiny to a point where they are undetectable. We will also discuss the security risks that come with this neural dust. The next time you watch out for that dust on the window. ( Not to freak you out, but come on!! Wouldnt you wanna know?)

But where does all the energy come from to support these tiny monsters? They are also known as perpetual computers, getting their energy from the surrounding. Is it magic or are we unlocking new realms in tech?

Smart Dust - Magical Future Technology

Smart Dust is here: The Unseen Eye of Dypsotian Dream

Yes, we are thinking the same thought. Should we run to the hills or stay? Well, let’s stay and know more about the possibilities with smart dust. These tiny sensors linked with miniaturization and nanotechnology will monitor everything, see everything, and detect even the slightest of changes. When the healthcare, food, and security industry can be made much better. The concern of privacy looms over our heads.

Smart dust or tiny sensors are also referred to as MOTES or MEMS ( micro-electromechanical sensors), that can sneak into your house to see everything without being exposed to the naked eye. Do you know they are such tiny particles, that they can be inhaled? Their secret power is hidden in the operation of “data collection.” They collect the data that they are programmed to do so and report back to their original source.

From weather changes to infrastructural decay and transferring the recorded information. The security and privacy concern can rise about the unregulated use of these MEM devices. A spy that you cannot even see or catch, but they can play hide and seek.


Smart Dust The Unseen Eye of Dypsotian Dream

Top uses of Smart Dust across various industries

  1. Smart dust tiny sensors can be used in the farming, production of food, and plantation of food. They could also report back about the fresh food and status, I mean food packaging will never be the same. They can also be used to detect diseases that can harm any healthy crop.
  2. They can be used to prevent natural disastrous by detecting the weather changes and understanding the movement of tectonic plates to avoid any unpleasant incidents.
  3. They can monitor different operations and functions. For example, if you want to observe productivity in the industry or at a specific location ( A warehouse maybe). They are your go-to buddies, these little fellas are extremely sensitive and will provide even the minute details.
  4. Imagine eating rise and there is a tiny grain of rice ( that looks like rice) but it is a sensor recording your every moment. A multifunctional and wireless sensor that can record your movement, store it, and communicate with its headquarter to transfer all the data.
  5. Apart from agriculture, security, this smart technology will revolutionize the way we learn things. Educations sector going from traditional to virtual and e-learning, the world will see smart and sustainable solutions. A learning experience that can even he;p navigate real-time educational experiences.
  6. This might appear like a long shot, but these sensors can revolutionize the healthcare system to cure deadly diseases. They can be implanted in the body or injected for ultrasound purposes and also sensor chips can be installed to help with any issue. Especially for those having neurological issues and differently-abled people.
  7. Architecture and infrastructural industries can have more advanced technical assistance to build better and smartly without creating havoc for the environment. But who will help them be better? These tiny sensors with data collection, observation, and processing.
  8. They can be used to catch crime scenes and sensitive cases, where security can be compromised. If organizations or governments working on neural dust or MEMS don’t develop any regulations, we might be in for a very risky ride.
  9. Every now and then we come across these rockets sent into space and a lot of resources are spent on them. Now, we have this opportunity to build commercial applications similar to a spaceship that will not break the bank. It needs more attention and a whole lot of investment.

A constructive approach to use this knowledge will bring a peaceful world, that can rely on smaller things to make BIG things happen. Smart dust technology and MEMS is really trailblazing, as it has the potential to build powerful solutions with the deployment of technological tools.

If someone told you that you can make a film with a camera that looks like a grain. Would you believe it?

Future of smart dust

With MEMS and tiny smart dust sensors, you will be reduced so much carbon footprint and waste. They will allow you to improve work efficiency and reduce travel time. Most of the jobs will be improved just because, you can collect data with these tiny sensors. The scientists and nanotechnology specialists are hopeful about the bright future of smart dust technology.

As technology takes another leap into a more advanced future. Companies and organizations usually weigh the benefits of ROI. Expensive sensors and IoT solutions will only push them farther from leveraging the amazing benefits. These microscopic smart dust sensors can save you from a lot of effort with incredible benefits and visible cost-saving uses. Smart dust technology is already here, but are you ready?

From home surveillance, better navigation to brain implants. Anything is possible, just like Kristofer S. J. Pister once dreamed about a speck of magical smart dust empowered by technology. Do you have an idea that you really believe in? Well, we know that anything is possible as long as you are ready to believe in magic.

There is a whole world out there who believe in the power of data and how to develop smart solutions with amazing technological tools like data science, and data analytics.

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