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  • Post published:March 29, 2017

The reality of Pakistan’s position in the international market is greatly influenced in recent years by China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, and it has certainly improved the country’s potential to improve its production facilities and multiply its exports. However, Pakistan’s business practices are in dire need of modernization and in order for it to benefit from the most sophisticated channels of reaching international buyers, a more tech-savvy solution is required.

Our Alibaba Certified Experts guide local businesses to maximize their reach through Alibaba Gold Supplier Membership
Certified Experts guide local businesses to maximize their reach through Alibaba Gold Supplier Membership

In February of 2017, Nextbridge became Alibaba’s largest Global Service Partner (GSP) in Pakistan with the aim of giving local businesses training and access to the world’s biggest hub of B2B markets. A Gold Supplier on can improve their products’ visibility in the market and improve their sales– or in case of businesses relying only on local sales, even kick start their exports.

With Alibaba certified experts on board, Nextbridge hopes to achieve 3 main objectives in order to bring the full benefits of the world’s biggest online commerce company to Pakistani businesses:

Train local businesses

The Gold Supplier membership is more than just posting your product online. In collaboration with Alibaba, Nextbridge is able to provide certified personnel to introduce and train new users to maximize their return on investment.

Broaden Pakistan’s export base

There is a persistent lack of awareness in Pakistani businesses of the opportunities offered by e-commerce and technology in general. There is a potential for many Pakistani products globally that is unexplored and untapped. Through our partnership with Alibaba and assistance from Nextbridge’s technical expertise, we hope to fast-track small businesses becoming exporters.

Influence SMEs to modernize internal processes

While setting up an Alibaba Gold Membership account for our clients, Nextbridge assesses ways in which small businesses can optimize their operations by automating internal processes. It allows SMEs to explore options without significant investment into R&D while they are working with our certified experts to set up an Alibaba sales funnel. This could aid them to increase efficiency, cut costs and have more to reinvest.

Adding to the above, Alibaba itself now sees Pakistan as a major market for expansion and is incentivizing Pakistani businesses to sign up with major discounts on add-ons. CPEC makes Pakistan a natural gateway for the flow of commerce in the region leading CEO of Alibaba Jack Ma to meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Davos late last year to express an interest in collaborating with the government to ease exports through

In less than 2 months, we have already helped businesses to sign up with Alibaba and multiply their export potential. Feel free to visit some of their Alibaba stores below:

Nextbridge is listed on as a Global Service Partner for Alibaba in Pakistan. You may get in touch with our Alibaba certified personnel via Social Media  or call us at +92 42 35315043 (Ext 175). Visit our Homepage for an insight into the expertise that qualify Nextbridge to manage large scale IT projects from around the world.

alibaba team lahore nextbridge
some of your Alibaba certified experts at the Nextbridge Super League 2017 – maybe next season you can cheer them on from the stands.