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Master AI, ML, & DS with these Vloggers

  • Post published:January 27, 2021

Do you use YouTube specifically for digital entertainment? Are you not bored of watching infinite cat or dog videos? Other than to explore such media, why not make use of your free time effectively?

YouTube is no more a random video-sharing platform. Instead, you can use it to master AI, ML and practice data science concepts effectively.

Is there anyone who is currently practicing AI, ML, and DS?

Do you want to know about the best YouTube data science channels? Or learn data science from vloggers? How about we connect you with amazing AI YouTubers?

In this article, we are going to connect you with expert YouTubers who can excellently help you steer your careers or expand your perception on the subjects of AI, ML, and DS.

Let’s wait no more!


The Most Impressive Vloggers to Master AI, ML, and DS

You are stuck on your beds due to the current worldwide panic. Working from home is the new black; setting a productive routine has become a problem for you. We would say this high-time that you start learning something new, anything that paves your professional career path. Why not start with the following vloggers who help you to develop your skills today?

These YouTube channels and Vlogs that we have selected for you can help your overcome this craziness going around.

best ai vlogs

1- Lex Fridman

Lex videos are about artificial intelligence, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, and beyond. Some people think that he is a professor, but he is an AI Researcher at MIT.

His YouTube channel has over 890K subscribers; Lex Clips is his secondary channel that has 192k subscribers. He shares the Artificial Intelligence podcast and his other conversations with experts.

We recommend this channel to you because Lex has contacts with notable pioneers of the machine learning and deep learning field. He has conversed with Elon Musk, Roger Penrose, Richard Dawkins, Jack Dorser, Eric Weinstein, and many other experts.

2- Arxiv Insights

Arvix Insights is a YouTube channel that is run and managed by Xander Steenbrugge. Xander believes that we humans are lazy and reading tons of papers won’t help us grow. So, he created this channel to cater to the needs of a broader audience.

He shares his technical point of view and core take-a-ways ML & AI. He currently has 63.9K YouTube subscribers. His latest video is about ‘Face editing with Generative Adversarial Networks’, which covers one of the greatest ideas in Deep Learning.

best ds vlogs

3- Jordan Harrod

Can AI make a channel trailer? This is one of the most liked videos that Jordan Harrod uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Jordan Harrod is an MIT and Harvard graduate who creates video content on AI-related topics. You can explore dozens of videos on her channel that explain the direct application of AI-based technology to solving real-world problems.

If you want to learn some science, you must subscribe to her channel today!

4- Edureka!

Edureka is an eLearning platform that has over 2.37M subscribers on YouTube. Its mission is to provide an interactive eLearning opportunity reachable to almost everyone.

The video courses offered are mostly led by experts on trending topics such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data & Hadoop, DevOps, Angular, Apache Spark, Python, Selenium, Tableau, Android, PMP certification, AWS Architect, Digital Marketing and many more.

  • 24/7 Learning Support
  • Real-life Projects
best ml vlogs

5- freeCodeCamp

Do you want to learn code at home, build projects and earn certifications? With freeCodeCamp, you can get what you always wanted.


It is an open-source, non-profit organization that permits you to learn code for free. Its service is entirely about coding and videos are on programming and technology projects.

Are you wondering how long does it take to complete freeCodeCamp? Well, the calculated amount of time suggested by the organization is 75 hours only.


We are pretty much done with our findings on AI YouTubers.

Do you find these channels unique? Are you fascinated by the concepts and amount of knowledge that you can get for free?

We believe that if you start following any of these AI YouTubers, you can stay pretty occupied achieving something productive.

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