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Hot PHP Web Development Trends for 2023

  • Post published:April 5, 2023

In the world of all things web, it is difficult for businesses to keep up with the market trends. Mainly, because the world of PHP web development is always changing. However, if you have to excel as a business and outshine competitors, keeping up with the trends in web development is crucial. PHP is by far the most popular and commonly used programming language for web development.

Despite the divide in the development community, i.e. some consider PHP to be great for web development because of its sophisticated technology features and frameworks. While, others think it is outdated language. Regardless of these factors, it has always been a crucial factor and majorly popular language for web development. By powering millions of websites and thousands of devices, it’s proven that PHP is a decent choice.

Even after many other technologies came, PHP has stood its ground providing valuable resources and tools for building great web apps and websites alike. Similarly, in 2023, so far, PHP is used for developing many websites across the globe. So, if you are a web developer, then this article is for you. Following are hot PHP web development trends that every developer should be following in 2023.

PHP for Businesses. Why is it worth-it?

Before we get into all the trends, what is hot and what is not; let’s know what is PHP and why businesses prefer it.

The name originated from “Personal Home Page”, it is a server side programming language which executes on the server rather than on the client’s side. 

What is the reason developers like it so much? It is because of the PHP developing tools, features, and frameworks it provides. Following are some key features and reasons for its popularity. 

1. Fast: Development and User Experience

One of the main uses of pho in web development is its speed. Websites that are developed using PHP are fast and smooth. Hence, increasing on-site time and increasing businesses.

One of the crucial factors in website bounce rate is slow loading time. PHP websites load significantly faster than others. It’s because of fast memory information processing speed. 

Contrastingly, developers have the ability to rapidly develop websites is one of the most useful and loved things about PHP.

2. Regular Updates

Strengthened by the regular updates it is constantly being refined and enhanced with revisions and filling the pitfalls. No language is completely perfect, each has some downfalls. But, the key point to notice here is, PHP’s pitfalls are covered up by its frameworks. Here are few which make a developer’s life easier and developing websites fun:

  • Symfony
  • Lamina
  • Cake
  • Laravel
  • Code Igniter

3. The Open-Source Movement:

PHP is an open-source and free scripting programming language for web development, meaning developers can use it without having to pay any fee or buying any license. Being open source also means it is updated by its community. PHP is a haven for companies and clients who have a low development budget.

4. Scalability & Adaptability

Key PHP web development trends in recent years is its power for building scalable and easily maintainable websites and web. When it comes to businesses and business websites scalability and the ability to adapt changes everything. For both developers and business owners selecting the language which will make their website or web app easy to grow is the key.

One of the best things about PHP base solutions i.e. websites and web applications is, it can easily support and be scaled to support a large user base. Which is the case with most websites and web applications, i.e. user base growth with increase in popularity and time. 

5. Customizing Options 

Creating unique web based solutions customized to your specific needs is the power of PHP development tools. Customization is extended to such measures that developers can integrate other languages like Java, JavaScript, or Ruby and more to develop a complete custom and tailor made solution. Boost your websites and web app’s worth with PHP web development.

Hot PHP web Development Trends in 2023

1. Cloud-based web development

One of the increasing uses of PHP in web development is cloud-based web apps. With the rise of mobile industry and inverse in mobile users as well as mobile apps businesses are more inclined towards apps rather than websites. But with PHP you can develop websites that can act as apps. When a user opens the website they are shown with a prompt message to add it to their home screen. From there the website acts and feels completely like a native mobile app. 

With cloud infrastructures PHP and cloud services get well together. Icing on the cake is PHP’s affordable nature and scalable & secure features which make it a preferred choice.

2. IoT integration with PHP frameworks

IoT and the web are more and more connected. One of the languages most used for IoT development is PHP. Together both can create unimaginable ways uses can interact with devices through the digital world.

IoT is most used in real estate industries to create products that are not just secure but smart with easy access from anywhere and any smart device. From home appliances to lights and everything in between is now available in an IoT enabled version. PHP developing tools and frameworks used are Symfony and Laravel for IoT implementation.

3. Smart chatbots

Uses of php in web development are not limited. Apart from creating websites and web apps the language is also used to create chatbots for customer service. Customer service is an integral part of business and can be easily automated to avoid repetition and resource wastage.

From answering questions to providing information, from resolving little issues to general assistance can be efficiently and quickly done by the chat bots. Recently the popularity and demand of chatbots has increased. And it’s justified because they are a great way to assist customers 24×7 even after office hours. 

4. Security trends in web development

Cyberattacks are a very real threat to all the websites. Everyone, even the government, has lost millions of dollars to save their data and worth after an attack. But why waste the money later when you can develop a top-notch security system beforehand. Take right and tight security measures timely, for the protection of your site right now.

PHP web development and the tools it provides are enough to implement robust measures against cybersecurity threats. For instance, Phalcon is a well known tool for security and asset management, it catches threats midway. On the other hand, CodeIgniter is a framework for integrating robust encryption capabilities.

5. Optimizing voice searches

A popular and most used trend in web development in 2023 is Voice search feature. More and more businesses are integrating voice search functionality due to the rise of voice assistants. These days users prefer using voice search rather than typing what they are looking for. Studies also show voice searches are three times faster than typing.

Building web applications and websites rich with features is totally possible with PHP. Similarly, to cater and engage more users creating websites with friendly and engaging interface is a piece of cake with PHP cake, or if you want to use other frameworks like CodeIgniter, or Laravel PHP developer.  

Final thoughts

In short, PHP is great for developing businesses websites and web applications. Many businesses around the world are currently using it. Being open-source means it is actively maintained by the community and is not going dead anytime soon. Aforementioned trends and hot topics for PHP in 2023 are in demand and every developer should follow these. Hopefully, you gained knowledgeable experience through this post.