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The Efficacy of Cloud Technology

  • Post published:April 6, 2021

Do you know what cloud computing technology is and how its efficacy is changing the world around you? It’s quite fitting to start with an example such as:

The innovator’s dilemma is a book written by Clayton Christensen that sheds light on how certain innovations can disrupt the market. The formation of a new market through disruptive innovation is a fascinating concept in the world of technology. Time after time, you see innovators coming up with an idea that completely disrupts the previous one. The reason for this disruption primarily lies in the efficacy of the technology itself and how it can change the way you work.

cloud computing technology

Cloud computing technology isn’t a recent phenomenon. In fact, the very first traces of cloud computing can be found in the 1960’s when Joseph Licklider began working on ARPANET.

In essence, Licklider’s idea centered around the development of disk space that could store data upon uploading of files. This is where the inception of cloud computing took place, however its evolution and where it can lead us to is still something we haven’t fully discovered.

Let’s explore together on how Cloud Technology is changing the way you work:

Cloud Computing Technology in Software Usage:

One of the major ways software has changed the world of tech is that it has taken over the software industry. SaaS or Software as a Service platform are primarily cloud-based and are accessed completely over cloud services. This essentially removes the need for installing software programs on your computer through Compact Discs or hard drives. Also, the fact that cloud computing technology provides a holistic approach towards software usage.

1- A Case of Google Docs:

Google Docs is the prime example of how Cloud technology has changed the way you work. You can access Google Docs anytime through the internet. This enables you to not worry about factors such as installing the software or its updates. You can simply access documents or spreadsheets through the cloud at any point of time with no loss of data.

Google Docs

2- A Virtual Hard Drive:

Here’s an example of disruptive innovation. Cloud Computing technology has made you much less reliant on hard drives. You are not reliant on CDs or USBs anymore for backing up your data. It’s almost like you can store information in a virtual harddrive.

A Virtual Hard Drive

Also, the fact that you use devices such as a smartphone, where it’s not possible to plug in a USB. However, Cloud computing technology allows you to access that information through a smartphone as with just a few clicks.

Going Serverless with Cloud Computing Technology:

Cloud Computing has allowed operations within an organization to become extremely efficient. The days of buying servers for data storage are gone, as more and more companies are going serverless. Cloud technology pioneers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have allowed a seamless transition towards a Cloud based server model. The impact of Cloud providers in the field of tech has been immense and has infiltrated multiple industries.

1- A Case of Ford:

As we mentioned before that cloud computing technology has infiltrated a wide range of industries. The automotive industry is no different. Ford Motor Co has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to deploy a cloud-based service for autonomous vehicles in the future. Although the details of their partnership are still in the dark, it’s implications are immense and will change the future of the automotive industry completely.

 A Case of Ford

2- A Unitary Work Culture:

Cloud computing technology provides a unitary work culture which is essential for any business that wants to perform with efficiency. Cloud-based communication plaƞorm are the epitome of synchronizing your company’s work culture through balanced communications. These platforms can bring employees of an organization on a unitary plaƞorm that allows a secure communication path. Also, the fact that instant access of information and a single communication platform allows a high yielding productivity model.

A Unitary Work Culture

In a Nutshell:

Cloud computing technology has impacted not just businesses but lives as well. Technology truly has revamped many aspects of your lives.

From the way you stored information to the way you communicate at our workplaces. Cloud Computing is the present and certainly plans to shape the future as the implication of cloud technology is immense.