Robotics Software

We have been exploring the industrial potential of Robot Operating System (ROS) because we believe its universal adoption is inevitable.


Robot Manipulation

From recognition and identification, to navigation and assembly we have experimented in ROS using Python, Computer Vision and Robot SDK. Our applications have many industrial applications often demonstrated using our custom robots.

Baxter Manipulation

Made by Rethink Robotics, Baxter is a revolutionary, low-cost humanoid; capable of working side by side with humans and actively interacting with them. We are working with our partners in China, the exclusive distributor of Baxter in the region, to develop innovative solutions for the robot to implement in the industry.

Forceps Sorting

This program is used to handle and sort contaminated forceps. The project assumes that the user is running Ubuntu 14.04 and has installed ROS Indigo on it, as well as a Robot SDK for ROS Indigo. Additionally, PyKDL may have to be installed if it is not included in your ROS installation.

Label Scanning

Through this experiment we can program robots to select and scan objects (in this case injection fluid bottles) to decipher their labels. The label is captured and straightened, so the text on the bottle can be determined. Once determined, the labeled bottle can be placed in its intended goal site.

Beverage Pouring

We developed a beverage serving robot application. Using its camera, grippers and a stationary bottle opener, the robot can execute the application from detection, opening, and pouring- taking care not to let the fizz overflow from the glass.