How to Maximize your Reach through Google Knowledge Graph

How to Maximize your Reach through Google Knowledge Graph?

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SEO is a multifaceted field and its implementation is a world of its own. In fact, Google’s algorithm is all for SEO techniques that can increase the value of a user’s experience. One such facet is Google knowledge graph. Introduced in 2012, Google’s knowledge graph was incorporated in Google’s algorithm because it offered a way through which systematized information could be presented effectively.

What is Google’s Knowledge Graph?

If you’re unfamiliar with Google knowledge graph, then don’t fret for a sec. It’s highly probable that you have seen Google’s Knowledge Graph during countless hours you spend searching for queries on Google. Typically, when you enter something that has a substantial amount of information over Google then chances are you must have seen an image with bits of information on the right side of your search results. For example, let’s say you enter the term, ‘Bill Gates’. This is the result you’ll get:

google knowledge graph

As you can see that on the right side of your search results, a concise information panel is represented. It even has images and basic information for the term searched. At times, the knowledge panel even shows up additional information such as books authored in the form of icons.

The Difference between Google’s Knowledge Graph & Knowledge Panel:

So, this is where many people get stuck. It’s common for users to misunderstand what exactly is the difference between the panel and graph. The knowledge panel is the final product that can be seen in the above image as a consolidation of information. On the other hand, the mechanism through which this information is compiled is through Google Knowledge Graph.

Hence, Google Knowledge Graph is a framework through which information is displayed in useful bits in the form of a knowledge panel. Also, Google will not produce a knowledge panel if there isn’t sufficient information available (in your case).

Consolidated Information is Effective Information:

You as a company or an individual must maximize your reach through Google Knowledge Graph. With a bit of strategizing and detailing your website to Google’s standards, you can achieve this. The reason why the Knowledge Panel is effective is simply because of the fact that it provides authority which in turns offers you credibility and opportunities that you’re looking for. Users normally when they are looking for information will not read lengthy web pages. Hence, in order to get them to know about yourself, a Google knowledge panel is an absolute necessity.

Other Components of the Knowledge Panel:

There are several other components of a knowledge panel that include lists icons, booking options for movies or concerts, working hours of a particular place and even recommendations or alternatives for a particular thing you are searching for. If you’re a business entity, these components might not matter to you. However, these features are an integral part of Google knowledge graph.

Google knowledge graph

Here’s a list of the most popular movies released this year in the form of list icons.

How to get your Content in Google’s Knowledge Graph?

Getting your content in Google knowledge graph is possible but it isn’t a piece of cake. You’ll need to create content that’s superior in quality and actually helps the visitor. Also, the niche you’re targeting must be under your grip firmly so you can present yourself as an authoritative figure. Your indexation in the graph mainly depends on how Google finds your information and if it considers it to be worthy of getting indexed. Here are some of the ways through Google makes a judgement:

1) Is your Content Unique?

Uniqueness is essential in Google’s decision to index you or not. Remember, we used the word unique as your content must be something that is solely yours and people actually look for content that is related to your entity. Hence, being unique is one of the basic requirements of getting yourself in the panel.

2) Structured Data:

Google needs to understand what your website is about. For this, your website needs to represent a structured data so during indexation Google can connect the dots with ease. Also, one way to have structured data is through Schema enables your data to be embedded through search engines in an effective manner.

3) Your Website Design & Friendliness:

Another important factor is how well your website is designed for optimal performance. Website speed as well as friendliness also play a part. User experience is the key here. If you are going to be good for your visitors, Google will repay you back. Similarly, if you’re running an eCommerce store then we can certainly help you out!

4) Google My Business:

Signing up on Google My Business is a given! Besides, it’s a great tool through which you can drive customer engagement and build authority.

In a Nutshell:

There is no hard and fast rule on how to get your spot in Google knowledge graph especially if you’re a new entity. It’s easier of course if you’re someone who already has authority, but if you don’t have that then you need to start working on your online presence. Google Knowledge Panel instantly provides authority and can immensely benefit your users as well as your business.

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