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Robot author? Can AI replace copywriters?

  • Post published:October 8, 2020
Did you know that you’ve read a bot article written by a robot author at least once in your life? Is it cringy info? Well, we are not making this stuff up.

While huge advancements are being made in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning domains, almost every other content writer asks this question, is the world using AI to write articles, or will AI ever replace copywriters?

Undoubtedly, AI and ML are enabling robots to produce content and they are well-capable of doing it faster than a human copywriter.

AI and ML

There is news that hundreds of Washington Post Articles are being written by a robot author. Forbes, The New York Times, and Yahoo are using AI to write articles. So, does it mean AI can replace human copywriters? Or does it mean content writers can dust off their CVs and look for other jobs?

An article came out in 2019 with the title “10 jobs that will never disappear in the next twenty-years” and fortunately copywriting was one of them.

Yes, folks, a robot author must exist but it can’t take your position, not today, neither tomorrow. Instead, a robot author can and will assist a human copywriter.

AI can replace human copywriters

AI article writer

Have you not witnessed robots doing surprisingly cool jobs? AI as health care workers, robots that can speak 100 languages, paint, play chess or poker, etc.

But, we truly believe that an AI article writer can never completely replace the real copywriting skills by a real human.

You can explore all your questions in this article. If you’re still wondering why AI-written articles are a hype? Read on to find out.

AI article writer

A Robot Author Cannot Master the Art of Storytelling

Does there exist a technology that can take the power of the human brain? Do you know that there are as many neurons in a human brain as stars exist in the sky?

A human brain is believed as the most powerful computer as the neurons behave like minicomputers in the brain.

“The point is, most of your brain is constantly working —to sense, process, think, move, and even dream.” Even when you head to sleep at night, your brain is still hard at work.

Brett Wingeier, a Ph.D., engineer, neuroscientist, and co-founder of Halo Neuroscience says “This misconception came about because the brain is so adaptable that sometimes minor damage causes only subtle problems.” Source Google

We only use 10% of our brains, just imagine what else a human brain can achieve is used a bit more.

It is a bit problematic to comprehend if a piece of content is written by a human writer or a bot writer. But storytelling is a key element that distinguishes the difference. Human content writers always try to engage their audiences, breed unique ideas using creativity, and thought-process an AI article writer can never match.

Hence, everything that involves creativity a bot can never perform.

“Each practitioner thinks there’s one magic way to get a machine to be smart, and so they’re all wasting their time in a sense. On the other hand, each of them is improving some particular method, so maybe someday shortly, or maybe it’s two generations away, someone else will come around and say, ‘Let’s put all these together,’ and then it will be smart.”

Marvin Minsky, co-founder of the MIT AI laboratory

A Robot Author does not have a high level of cognitive ability

Do you know what is cognition? Cognition has everything to do with how a human perceives the world and acts, therefore.

Take for example you get a phone call, you notice your buzzing, here is involved decision taking (either to pick up or not), motor skills (use your hands to hold it up to answer), language skills (to perceive the language of the speaker and to understand it), social skills (to make a decision and act accordingly).

AI researchers are trying to introduce cognitive ability into bots; it’s an emerging field of robotics that can make robots adopt human-like intelligence in perception, high-level cognition, and motor control.

“Machines will become conscious when they start to set their own goals and act according to these goals rather than do what they were programmed to do.”

David Elkind; psychologist and a well-respected speaker
robot author

Wrapping up

From the above facts and stats, it is clear that an AI article writer or a robot author can never replace a human writer, copywriter.

Even though many tech industries are using AI to write articles but they can’t be entirely reliant on a robot. A robot will only be used in writing to assist humans or help in accumulating information.

AI or ML can be a resourceful tool for content writers. An algorithm can swiftly go through millions of articles and bring in front a summary as a report of the research.




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