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8 Top-Notch NFT Marketing Strategies 2023

  • Post published:February 21, 2023

NFT is an abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token which is actually a digital asset and is used to own digital collectibles like videos, photos, music, artworks, and whatnot.

Remember that it is based on blockchain technology and can’t be interchanged or exchanged even. Notably, every single NFT is unique from the others.

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Also, if you must know, NFTs were first launched in 2014, but then in 2021, they became popular when one American graphic designer’s artwork sold for millions. 

In this article, we will deliberately elucidate the best NFT marketing strategies that include NFT hashtags too. 

Get a wing to the whole guide in the coming section:

NFT Marketing – A discussion

There’s no looking back for the NFT trends as Shark Tank Celebrity and Billionaire Investor, Mark Cuban claimed that your next big game card would be an NFT. 

No doubt, NFT is going to stay here for a longer time period. So, it is imperative to get all the hype by putting efforts into marketing the NFT products. 

Below, some of the interesting strategies have been combined together. (Have a look at them)

NFT Marketing Strategies

Now many companies are offering NFT marketing services and that too, by implementing these exceptional NFT strategies. Are you intrigued to know more? Keep reading:

  1. NFT promotion through social media

To pull off NFT advertising, it is fruitful advise to start with social media promotion. Make a crypto community on leading platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Youtube, and LinkedIn, and talk about your product fearlessly. 

Besides that, track your competitors’ activities to keenly observe what strategies they are incorporating into their promotions. 

For instance, use trending NFT hashtags while sharing stories, throwing giveaways or contests, and posting videos to brag about your NFT brand.

8 Top-Notch NFT Marketing Strategies 2023 1
  1. Search engine optimization

To see your NFT ranking in first place on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, SEO is a real magic wand you need to have. Investing properly in search engine optimization means you are improvising your NFT brand’s visibility online. 

The SEO strategies you can integrate with NFT marketing services:

  • Make website mobile-friendly
  • Optimize site speed for a better user experience
  • Target the right keywords
  • Create or update existing content to outperform your competitors. 

Note: SEO is a long-term NFT marketing strategy that can take the product’s worth to the next level. 

  1. Utilize blockchain advertising networks

Using top-notch NFT hashtags or messages on the right marketing platform would give your Non-Fungible Token a boost tirelessly. 

You can increase your target audience’s reach by connecting yourself to the leading blockchain advertising networks by attracting more buyers.

Networks like Coinzilla, Bitmedia, DOT, Bitraffic, and Ad Dragon can do wonders. More to that, Crypto news sites like NewsBTC or Coice Quora can also help you market your NFT brand ingeniously. 

  1. Create an eye-catchy ad campaign

We all know that Pay-per-click ad campaigns add more chances for NFTs to get the hype and running PPC ads is one of the considerable NFT marketing strategies by far.

All you need to play with words and carry out an effective PPC ad campaign on any platform such as Google or Facebook. 

Unlike SEO, PPC returns results in fewer days, and that too,  the impressive outcomes. 

  1. Build an NFT community

Being part of an NFT community is yet another way to get indulged in NFT promotion. Excitingly, you can create a blockchain or NFT community on social media platforms where more of targetted audience resides.

For instance, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and Quora, are some of the best places to start with. Such as posting opinionated polls can let people respond effortlessly. 

  1. Create fancy teaser videos

How to start an NFT project? Simple and facile, by posting thrilling and intriguing teaser videos of the product. For example, a 300-second short video with proper NFT hashtags can bring out incredible results in case it goes viral.

Include high-quality NFT images, and a perfectly-made voice-over, and sync the background music to enhance your video’s worth. 

The more visual content you throw, the more you create chances to sell them to a larger audience. 

8 Top-Notch NFT Marketing Strategies 2023 2
  1. Get into guest posting

Guest posting is another good strategy for NFT advertising and through it, many NFT brands spread the word diligently. We know the power resides in words now and therefore, several blockchain and crypto websites are looking out for the best guest post contributors. 

The content you post on those sites will have a link to your NFT product and pass a link juice to your landing page somehow. With this trick, you can bloom the branding by receiving more leads. 

  1. Put up your NFT in the leading NFT marketplace

Speak out loud about your NFT brand by showing it off on the leading marketplaces. This is how you can flexibly market your NFT product to the greater community and by doing so, you can attract more investors. 

Some of the best marketplaces that can help in NFT marketing are Rarible, Axie Marketplace, SuperRare, etc. 


NFT marketing is indeed the best way to brag about your brand. Don’t forget, with the hype in the crypto world and blockchain advertising, NFTs have taken the internet by storm. 

As suggested, add more NFT hashtags and implement these NFT strategies and let the ball roll.