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Top 5 Employee Training Software Platforms for 2020

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With the rise in the popularity of online education, several business and companies are also encouraging employee training to evolve according to the changing times.

Globally eLearning has already seen a higher rising volume reaching up to $91 billion which is expected to grow more as time passes.

In earlier times the Learning platforms were traditionally static software-based courses. They were filled with the content that consisted of single-source. The times have significantly changed now. These platforms are now dynamic, flexible to the needs, and can be accessed on the user’s preferred device, including smartphones and tablets. Content can also come from an assortment of sources, including crowdsourcing, making the information more current and varied for learning purposes.

For entrepreneurs and businesses these online platforms offer similarly flexible practices but also offer frame worked methods for ensuring they and their employees are getting the training they need.

You can find several fully customizable white-label systems which will enable you employee training convenient by creating and setting up courses exclusively branded for your organizational needs.

Below are mentioned six employee training and learning platforms that are changing the online education marketplace that every entrepreneur should know about.


This is an enterprise-friendly learning-management system for employee training that can be white-labeled for use by businesses or educators both.

TalentLMS a mobile-friendly customizable cloud platform where users can learn from their tablets, smartphones or laptops. Being a readily white-labeled solution means companies, universities and just about any team, organization or individual can integrate it, or even re-sell the platform as their own.

The perks of using this LMS system include complete reports, embedded tools and built-in tests.


Moodle is a tailored and scalable open-source learning management system. The salient features blended in Moodle include learning, classroom management, mobile learning, social learning, built-in course authoring, both asynchronous and synchronous learning, certification management, video conferencing, and more.

To make earning and employee training a fun learning experience it also supports gamification. This system holds the expertise to adapt to corporate and business applications, though it is mainly marketed to educational institutions.

Being an open-source LMS, it is free to use on your servers. For those who need a little help, Moodle has a selection of partners to help with consulting, training, theme design, development, and maintenance to make sure clients get the most of it.


This—Degreed is an enterprise LMS solution. This platform enables businesses to manage thousands of courses and platforms in one place so employee training can be done effectively and they can learn at will.

You can access customizable learning paths, and administrators can track an employee’s progress, even outside what the company mandates. It makes talent identification convenient since administrators can monitor which employees have cross-functional skills.


This is a paid LMS and BISTrainer features classroom management, training-record management, and a training matrix. This platform is designed for enterprises that want all the features of an enterprise LMS without the hassle of a complicated setup.

It supports multiple languages, virtual proctoring, document management, eCommerce, reward tracking, and more. There is also a custom-branding feature in this LMS which means businesses can make it look like their own.


Offering custom content management, virtual classroom management, certification management, and social learning solutions, BizLibrary is a great LMS tool to make employee training convenient yet up-to the mark.

If your business happens to be within a regulatory environment that necessitates any kind of ongoing licensing, certifications, or security training to remain in good standing, then this is the right employee training and learning tool for you.

Tailored according to the unique needs of your business, it is entirely scalable and comes with the facility to be white-labeled.

Businesses and entrepreneurs can pick which courses to mandate for their employees and the platform will allow for self-enrollment.


These employee training and learning platforms are offering increased mobility and flexibility in their practices. This makes it great leverage for both businesses and educational institutions alike to move their learning platforms to these types of services, simplifying management, and reducing costs.

If you are looking for a similar employee training platform or want a tailored one according to your unique business needs then feel free to get connected with us and witness your business acing new and profound opportunities.

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