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Top 3 IT Jobs AI Chatbots like Chat GPT will replace

  • Post published:February 21, 2023

Artificial intelligence has made the world go crazy with its expansion to diversified fields.

As a study predicts:

“AI market will reach 190.61 billion dollars by 2025, and by 2030, AI will increase the world’s GDP by adding 15.7 trillion dollars.”

Currently, AI chatbots like chat GPT have turned the tables for IT jobs which have become the talk of the town. From writing to programming, multiple job sectors have been affected by its launch.

Astonished? Well, don’t be. In this article, we will discuss what chatGPT is and which IT Jobs can be replaced by its existence.

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So, let’s get started!

What’s a Chatbot – Chat GPT?

Artificial intelligence chatbot tools like chat GPT aid in promoting possible interaction with people. This best AI chatbot generates responses that sound human-like and natural. 

These days, AI chatbot platforms like chatGPT are doing an outstanding job at writing blog posts, essays, or emails, too. 

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Who made it?

The new artificial intelligence chatbot “Chat GPT” is launched by Elon Musk’s independent research body, the OpenAI foundation. 

The startup was co-founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman (the silicon valley giants), saying that the research center will benefit humanity by boosting digital intelligence advancement.

Later, the Twitter CEO left the company board and maintained a distance from the organization with a tweet: “Need to understand more about governance structure and revenue plans going forward. Remember, OpenAI was started as an open-source and non-profit. Neither is still true.”

How does it work?

The AI chatbot, Chat GPT is designed to provide data like answers to questions and information on different topics through an informal interface.

Notably, the best AI chatbot is trained and tested on a huge text sample taken from the internet. 

Additionally, the statement released from an OpenAI organization was:

“The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.” 

So, whatever it takes, undoubtedly, this artificial intelligence chatbot has left Google AI chatbots behind by offering a powerful impact on different jobs even. 

Now, find out about the jobs it has affected. 

IT Jobs Chat GPT will replace

We have combined sectors where Chat GPT has instantly cast a spell without putting too much effort. The AI chatbot is irrefutably bringing real change in the world of information technology. 

Here’s a list of IT jobs that are being affected:

  1. Programming

What’s more exciting about the best AI chatbot, ChatGPT is it can help you jot down computer programs into applications and software. The jaw-dropping feature of chat GPT is it first checks the human programmer’s language for bugs and then transforms the ideas from plain English to the programming language. 

Oded Netzer, Columbia Business School Professor, shared his views on this with CBS MoneyWatch, said:

“In terms of jobs, I think it’s primarily an enhancer than a full replacement of jobs. Coding and programming are good examples of that. It actually can write code quite well.”

He added to the statement by saying:

“When you write a code where all you wanna do is to transform a concept to a code line, the machine can do that. Yes, to some extent, it can take away jobs as by using this, we may need fewer programmers. Besides that, it would help those who write code in order to find errors in the programs; hence, aids in flexible writing.” 

  1. Writing

So, what’s a chat bot “Chat GPT” and how will it help in writing? Simple and facile, it is assumed that this is the best AI chatbot that will do wonders for people who mix mundane tasks such as writing advertising copies or drafts of legal documents. 

No doubt, human expertise is involved and still, there’s no question that artificial intelligence chatbots will ease the tasks by making them cheaper in use and hence, devalue human labor ultimately. 

Top 3 IT Jobs AI Chatbots like Chat GPT will replace 2

Some of the writing fields in IT jobs, these Chat GPT covers are:

  • Copywriting

What is copywriting? It is the practice of generating text to inform the audience and inspire them. Yes, you got it right. Copywriting helps in increasing conversions and sales of the product or service. 

You can sell your product or service via different varieties of copywriting ways like blog posts, sales letters, social media posts, and conventional or unconventional advertisements. The AI chat bot, Chat GPT is indeed a perfect tool for pitching exceptional content for the service or product. 

  • Content writing

The process of writing, planning, or editing conventional or unconventional content is called creative content writing. For instance, content for emails, websites, brochures, etc. comes under this. 

Chat GPT works like making you ask it for the content of 1000 words on productivity and there it goes like a boom. Undoubtedly, it has become the best AI chatbot for dealing with users’ billions of requests tirelessly. 

Now, with such AI chatbot platforms, IT jobs relevant to writing have become a breeze. 

  • Email posts

Blank about how to pull off your email in order to engage the reader in the first place. We have a clue hidden here. With this Chat GPT, which is indeed the best AI chatbot, you can deliver exceptional content through email marketing. 

Now setting up appointments through descriptive or administrative emails has become as flexible as it can be perceived by using this artificial intelligence chatbot. 

According to Columbia Business School professor Oded Netzer: “There’s hardly any creativity involved, so why would we write the whole thing instead of saying to the machine.” 

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  1. Customer Support

What else can you expect from such AI chatbot platforms? The magical spell these apps have cast on the world of technology has no words to describe. 

Besides writing or coding, AI chatbots like Chat GPT have blown away the worries of handling millions of customers’ help requests like a real genius. 

Now, eCommerce businesses can get their customers’ issues sorted diligently while letting them feel heard. 

Henceforth, once such best AI chatbots like chatGPT or google AI chatbot are integrated with the database, they will learn about the real issue and provide solutions accordingly. 

Surprised to an extent? You must be. 


No doubt, AI chat bots like Chat GPT has exploded the visions of creating content and therefore, doing miracles for various IT jobs. Somehow, it has become a blessing for startups who don’t want to spend much and rely on human power.