Who is responsible for the rise of deepfake apps

Who is responsible for the rise of deepfake apps?

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Would you want to swap your face with any other face? No, yes, maybe? Well, you can think about the answer. Meanwhile, let’s tell you about a popular deepfake apps platform named Faceswap that enables you to do it, and yes we are very serious. Someone around the world can replicate the exact face like yours and might even dodge that face authentication. It’s terrifying, to say the least! I mean if Obama and Trump can be the victim of these deepfake charades, who are we to complain?

So are you ready to know all about the deepfake apps, that shall never be named?

First, it was regarded as just another theory, but later on, it started increasing to a level. Now, governments have to take action regarding this. It can result in fraudulent activities, identity theft, and whatnot. 2019 – 2020 are the years when we have witnessed a surge in this fishy activity. However, many people are aware of deepfake software platforms and copy mobile apps.

But the real question that arises in one’s mind is that:

How are deepfakes apps created?

With the surge in deepfake technology, now many software systems are circulating that claim to create an exact replica or similar avatar of a particular person. But it is not something like a filter.

The thing is that many people mistake it for filters and online camera apps that can add camouflage on your face. It takes help from advanced technologies such as neural networks in combination with artificial intelligence to create deepfake.

It is not something that you can do overnight unless you have a magic wand. But, let’s explore things to know what are the requirements to create a deepfake. So it goes something like this, and the steps can vary depending upon the nature of the product.

Common steps to create deepfakes are as follows

You can go through these steps to know, how it is being created,

  1. If you want to create a deepfake video of a particular person, you can take that particular image. And replicate the pose, expressions, and sitting posture and adjust other background details.
  2. With help of a neural network, you will be able to change the words and replace them with the ones spoken in the original video.
  3. The next step requires a lot of voice data and sound data that can be manipulated with the help of cloud computing services. Now, this might cost you thousands of dollars, so be ready! Is it worth it?
  4. To implement the element of liveness in the video, you’d have to use a detection system in order to omit any fake signs, expressions and to fix any bugs.

Nowadays, you can easily tell about the majority of deepfakes floating on the internet that are created with online free deepfake apps. But, you need way more advanced skills in order to create high-quality fake videos with or without deepfake apps, and no one would be able to tell the difference except experts.

So, can you tell?

Well, if you observe in the above video clip, and stare at the right face ( in red). Just around the neck, you’d observe that it’s more static. But, it was kinda easier, wants it?

So let’s see another one here:

Well, don’t be distracted by the sheer expressions and especially the eyes.

“The eyes, chico. They never lie.”

We know, it has become a little cheesier, but you’d never forget this. So, the blurriness around the eyes gives it away.

Devil in the details – Deconstructing Deepfake Apps

They say that you have to dig deeper and jump into the water, in order to know the depth and details. Here, as you can comprehend that deepfake apps are created with breakthrough technology. So, that very technology can help us to differentiate between the ‘real and the ‘fake.”

The deepfake videos and images might appear incredibly real to you, but the advanced algorithm can help you to detect the fake through distorted pixels, discoloration, and micromovement.

So, how would you possibly know if it’s fake?

  • The blurriness around the head and hair
  • The micromovements around the neck
  • The reflection in eyes and blinking
  • The skin texture and color
  • The variation in lighting
  • The distortion in syncing of audios and video images

It’s not a science fiction story, because data and a load of information are used to compute and generate these deepfake apps. An extensive amount of data is used that includes videos, voice recordings, images, sounds.

It’s quite a serious situation when it comes to cybersecurity because even world leaders are not safe from it.

So, who do we turn to? We have to guard ourselves against these scams, hackers, and fake attempts such as cyber crimes and identity theft. The answer is also hidden in the technology that we have used to create this evil. When we say evil, yes we mean it. Because this can pose security threats and some serious risk factor is attached to it.

Keep your guards up at all times

With the rise in the development of deepfake apps and the rise of deepfake technology, for now, there seems to be a no defined way. But, we have to combat the challenges, that will be coming with this increase in deepfake videos.

Companies especially IT companies and software development companies need to stay on their toes and work on the latest technology in order to curtail the consequences of this technology. Facebook is said to be the pioneer, that is currently discouraging this type of content to ensure its user’s safety and double authentication for verification.

So where are our top cybersecurity experts and Machine learning engineers? With all the technology at our disposal, it is still difficult to differentiate and tell about certain videos created with deepfake apps. This is a frightening state of affairs. But that very technology can save us from the ruins, the one that resulted in the rise of deepfakes.

Time to relax – don’t fear the deepfake apps

You can have all the challenges and difficult situations, and yet there will always be a silver lining. A silver lining to create something remarkable.

Since we are on the topic of creating something innovative with technology to find smart solutions. Do you have an idea to create something? You can hire highly skilled AI engineers to transform that very idea into reality.

Don’t delay it, start today!

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