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10+ Most Dangerous Technologies in 2022 & Their Jaw-Dropping Negative Impacts

  • Post published:April 5, 2022

Do you know what WhatsApp does? It secures your information in its database. You read that correctly: THEIR database.

This can be considered the negative impact of technology, as it intrudes on your privacy with your consent. That’s awful!

Moreover, no one can deny that technological advancements have gone so far, and hence, usage has changed significantly.

There are now multiple life-changing devices that reduce time and effort and bring innovation to life. We will explore those 12 latest technologies with their negative effects that will dominate in 2022, today.

Come along and find out:

12 Harmful Technologies & Their Negative Impacts

The following are some of the most dangerous technologies that we are becoming accustomed to:

1- Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)

It’s a connection between the human brain and the computer system that makes it possible for the mind to give orders to the system without physical interruption and restriction, and the system not only has to respond but also act.

People with disabilities use prosthetic devices that are able to read their minds and act accordingly, such as grasping a glass of water or doing chores.

Remember, though, that it is still a machine that is dependent on you, and the codes deployed on the system can sometimes misinterpret the brain signals.

In other words, a robotic machine that receives signals from a prosthetic person sometimes does the opposite. For example, if the machine is told to lift the index finger, it moves the middle finger.

The greater the advantage, the greater the damage; therefore, the greater the negative impact of technology.

Point To Note: BCI (brain-machine interface) is also known as BMI (brain-machine interface). BCI seeks to map, research, augment, assist, and repair sensory-motor functions.

2- Facial Recognition

All touch phones come with this feature, which intrigues people at first and they are like:

Wow, facial recognition. What a cool feature!

However, everyone overlooks the most important thing, which is that they are capturing your features FOREVER.

This is the real downside of facial recognition, the negative impact of technology!

Some of the most alarming examples include CCTV cameras installed by almost every organization, retail store and even some evil-minded individuals who have hidden cameras in their bathrooms.

Other than just preventing theft and robbery, the organizations store your facial features in their databases for later use (without your knowledge, and the use can be worse).

3- Google Glass

Initially, smartphones were introduced, then smartwatches, and then smart glasses were invented.

It is no surprise that Google Glass has taken the internet by storm as every other tech-head was attracted to them. Even Google Glass has a negative impact on society and many cons.

The negative impact of technology

Continually wearing these glasses can cause chronic headaches and eye strain.

If used before the age of 13, it can adversely affect vision development (the negative impact of technology)

The study compared regular glasses with Google Glass and assumed that there was a certain loss of vision, which reduced peripheral vision. There is a chance that this problem can create blind spots, making daily chores quite challenging.

Do You Know? Google warns you against using them as they are harmful to your eyes and health.

4- Smart Dust Technology

Smartdust, the tiniest version of super incredible technology, is definitely the next big thing in IoT (Internet of Things). A few millimeters in size (like a grain of salt), but as remarkable as anything else.

Why? Due to its ability to detect states like sound, movement, magnetism, chemicals, light, and temperature in no time. Additionally, it communicates information wirelessly.

When implemented, it becomes the eyes and ears of your business, which is where the negative impact of technology emerges to an astonishing extent.

Since it is so small, it can be hidden anywhere, even in the human body. It also has a camera. Businesses and intelligence agencies use it to spy on people silently.

Imagine that someone taps you on the shoulder and inserts this into your body to record everything you do, say, and go, and that’s it; they have your data.

Panicked, startled, and petrified!

Learn About AIoT Technology

5- Drone Swarms

Today, every other news channel or wedding photographer uses this technology because it is convenient to use and record. Before, it was primarily used by the military.

In addition, it was fast, inexpensive, highly functional, and relatively useful.

Even though it has immensely astounding benefits attached, you should not forget its major con.

For example, drone swarms can easily be equipped with cameras or weapons, which means destruction can occur without your knowledge at any time, making this factor the negative impact of technology.

It is one of those negative effects of technology that might have given you nightmares.

6- DeepFakes

Do you use Snapchat? Isn’t it amazing how they change your facial features by reshaping your nose, adding fake lashes above your eyes, or even changing the original color of the image?


Again, have you ever noticed where “your most-loved” pictures are stored? Into their databases and there’s no looking back (you can’t delete them from their database).

The process is known as AI cloning (super artificial intelligence).

Can technology be dangerous? Yes, it can. The main negative impact of technology that you use casually is this.

Deepfake is a type of artificial intelligence that combines “deep learning” and “fake”.

As another example, it has been used to destroy the reputation of a politician by photoshopping their images during election time.

7- Spying Smart Devices

We welcome devices into our homes, such as cameras, entrance machines, and motion detector lights. They all control our data (knowingly and unknowingly). However, the functionality of these technologies has made life much easier. Even so, it still seems to be a giant web of the internet, which has become so widespread that few are able to escape it.

The use of technology can have a negative impact beyond comprehension, and you never know how it will be used. Subscribing to Netflix or connecting your cable to a mobile device puts you at risk.

In a recent report, it was reported that data cables and smartphones can steal your whole data and that even hackers can use data cables to gain access to your data.

8- Autonomous Robots

How do new technologies pose a threat? The first is that they are immensely useful and have made you glued to your beds, and the second is that they are sneaking into your privacy so terribly that you cannot stop them.

Christian Lous Lange said it best: “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

As an example, the robots you might have seen in movies fighting on the battlefield are a great example.

But, you know what, that won’t be fiction anymore. In fact, they are currently working on the development of autonomous robots for combat in 5 countries.

Codes, data, and commands like “kill” are all in their chips. However, what if they get hacked, the technology will be stolen, and the information will be used. This is one of the negative effects of technology.

9- 3D Printers

3D printers, on the other hand, are used to create colorful and realistic images. With this technology, you can print many useful, desirable designs onto paper in less time.

Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks that make it a “handle with care” kind of technology.

For example, in order to create 3D knives, guns, or other weapons, it relies on plastic, which is one of the notable negative effects of technology. Furthermore, it is expensive, gets heated more often, and can only be handled in small batches.

Lastly, it can cause burns due to the radiation and technologies used.

3D Printers

10- Automated / Self-Driving Vehicles

The scared drivers would count it as bliss. There will come a time when you won’t see a driver in the driver’s seat anymore. There will only be passengers. Sounds cool?

Well, it would.

Due to the fact that every blessing comes with a responsibility, it will be hard for the cars to learn about different traffic notes, such as traffic jams. As a result, it will become TRICKY!

Indeed, driverless cars are among the worst technological inventions and no doubt, come with the negative impact of technology that has turned the tables.

11- DNA Hacking

As the most harmful technology, DNA hacking has been developing in the biotechnology field to find root causes and cures for cancer and other chronic diseases.

In the near future, biologists will find ways to program viruses and bacteria to deliver custom-made cures to shrink cancerous tumors.

In order to avoid this from happening, you should cover your hands before leaving your home and secure your DNA.

What could be a more negative impact of technology?

DNA hacking

12- Augmented Reality (AR)

In general, it adds value to the content. Computer-generated views enhance real-world objects and entities, etc.

A lot of people love AR glasses because they allow them to see a world they’ve never seen before.

What would be the negative effects of using technology today? AR glasses are simple and straightforward, but if worn while walking on the road, they can cause accidents. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

The latest technologies have led to a lack of privacy, which means your information, your pictures, and even your physical appearance are no longer hidden. You are constantly tracked, observed, and analyzed.

Wrapping Up

We cannot ignore the negative impact of technology, nor can we ignore the use of these harmful technologies. We can only be cautious.