How We Function

Nextbridge relies on an interconnected network of specialized global divisions to create customized solutions for industrial problems.

Specialized Verticals

vteams: Hire Dedicated Developer

Your vteams operate as remote employees in collaboration with Nextbridge, combining over 19 years of experience with a body of dedicated and skilled developers.
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PressTigers: Hire WordPress Developer

Our dedicated division, PressTigers, focuses on making WordPress websites which outshine others. We develop products such as plug-ins and templates for all WordPress site solutions.
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Appdev360: Hire Mobile Developer

Appdev360 is a mobile application developing division of Nextbridge where we pride ourselves on maintaining the most outstanding and modern technological standards throughout the lifecycle of our clients’ apps.
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Hire DevOps Engineers

247 DevOps consists of a remarkable team of skilled SysAdmins, DevOps and Network Engineers, available 24/7 for anyone who cannot afford to hire onsite engineers.
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Commersys: Hire DevOPS Engineer

Commersys comprises of a highly skilled team which comes across with exemplary ecommerce services. Our ecommerce experts are well versed in the ongoing trends in digital market which would help establish a brand.
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