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AI Chatbot Is Not Unlimited! Understanding ChatGPT Limitations and Capabilities

  • Post published:April 3, 2023

It all started back in the 1960s when MIT computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum released the first chatbot named “ELIZA”. Since then the successors of this AI breed have never stopped giving 90% satisfaction rates and now it seems like it will make it to 100%.

The AI chatbot is expected to become an industry of $9 billion by 2024 due to its features such as independence, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and promptness that fuels its functionality. The advent of chatbots like ChatGpt has made it reach new heights and has helped it capture the attention of the masses.

Regardless of all the benefits, AI can provide there are still some confinements that might have been stopping it to put human beings completely out of the frame. So, wait no more! Reading this article will let you know that AI chatbot is not unlimited! 6 ChatGPT limitations & capabilities.

What Are Chatbots?

Chatgpt limitations

What do we call anything that makes our lives easier? A blessing? No! These days we call it a chatbot! It is a decades-long story when the invention of an AI chatbot became synonymous with ease, efficiency, and intelligence. 

Chatbots are software that compiles AI and NLP to pilot either text-to-text or speech-to-speech conversion with customers for resolving their queries and running daily business correspondence errands. 

Discussing the chatbots, and the evolvements they have gone through, how can one forget about Gpt? 

ChatGPT is a revolutionary chatbot that has been recently launched by OpenAI, it simulates accurate results based on the prompts provided to it. 

ChatGPT Limitations & Capabilities

Chat gpt is one of its kind conversation agent that is said to be the pioneer of the renaissance in the AI field. However, there are still certain limitations and capabilities of ChatGPT deciphered underneath. 


AI Chatbot Is Not Unlimited! Understanding ChatGPT Limitations and Capabilities 1

Having surreal attributes, this gpt model can be a holy grail for a lot of stuff and could fit in any role for you as mentioned below. 

1. Human-Like Response 

The foremost reason that gpt was hyped up is its ability to communicate as if a human being is just sitting right in front of you. Its feature of generating prompt responses to anything asked of it made it thrive in various sectors. 

Ask it once about anything and this incredible ai chatbot will unfold the entire method for you. This AI-based conversation model has specifically been designed to have a Q/A pattern that makes it productive. 

2. Miscellaneous Content Creator

From poems to prose and scripts to manuals, Chatgpt is efficient in providing creative, technical as well as academic content. May it be any speech or a lecture this marvel of AI will bring to you fully-fledged content ready for instant use in a matter of seconds. 

This transformer could be an excellent essay writer with its capability to predict a word, sentence, and an entire paragraph. Moreover, it equally takes care of coherence and cohesion which makes it commendable. 

3. Tutor 

Are you that student who needs instant aid for his homework? Or are you a teacher who needs help preparing for the next lecture? What’s to worry about when this gpt platform can keep you sorted? 

Based on the latest technology this exemplary chatbot can write exams, and teach you English, chemistry, physics, and maths. Besides, it is efficient enough to help you with designing any subject’s syllabus or give you suggestions to even set the curriculum. 

4. Content Researcher 

If you have a passion for writing or creating content, you might know the lengthy intervals of time consumed in searching for the right content. With chatgpt at your disposal, this will not be that time taking as it can give you innovative topics, content strategies, and even the content to post ranging from blogs, captions, and quotes. 

So, are you ready to set your trend? This AI agent will enable you to do so with more creativity and less stress. 

5. Web Developer

AI Chatbot Is Not Unlimited! Understanding ChatGPT Limitations and Capabilities 2

It was a time of peril when coding and web development took a fortune. The major breakthroughs in AI have improved its functionality in every field.  Similarly, it has now been made possible to just ask Chat gpt a code to make your website and it will do so in a blink. 

Furthermore, it also gives a boost to your career by upgrading your skills in SQL, HTML & CSS. 

6. Multilingual Translator

We all need assistance on multiple occasions that could ease tasks for us in an instant. This has been the major narrative behind the creation of tech advents, and gpt justifies it well. 

Being provided with an accurate prompt it does not only translate texts but also shows you the way for translating them on your own. 


chatgpt limitations

All that glitters is not gold and perfection claimed could not always possibly be attained! Keeping that in mind, we have enlisted down some limitations of the chatgpt that could also be labeled as its pitfalls. 

1. Irrelevant Responses

When it comes to gpt, promptness does not always define accuracy! It runs on corpora that might not always have correct information about everything, therefore relying too much on it can also be a scam.

2. Confined Knowledge

ChatGPT can give a straight answer to anything you ask from it. This involves its lack of capacity to add rhetorical expressions to a text or to interpret it. 

Some of the instances include those queries related to the upcoming technology that it failed to tell about. Such examples make it evident that this AI chatbot is not much informed as human beings.

3. Static Tone 

The essence of poetry or any other literary text is lost when there are no emotions added to it. Same happens when you ask chat gpt to compose something poetic. 

4. Lack of Complex Mathematic Skills

The limitations of ai also includes the lack of skills that can solve complex mathematical problems. For gpt, solving basic multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division sums is a breeze. However, it fails generating accurate when it comes to solving equations.

Relax! Humans Are Still More Intelligent Than AI!

Every day we see new innovations invading the capabilities of human beings and making them stress-free. Rightly so, but it doesn’t make us lose our worth or efficiency completely!

To highlight that we have mentioned all that defines AI chatbot is not unlimited! 6 ChatGPT limitations & capabilities.