Languages & Frameworks

Our cross-functional teams come together to bring you the most precise and well-organized execution of the Development Plan: minimizing surprises and avoiding potential risks. These are the people who are top of their game in their respective industries and are at your disposal. From custom software development, network engineering and innovative robotics to tailor made apps, at Nextbridge we do it all.

Our PHP engineers are masters of their trade, with ample real-world project development experience. Besides those projects involving native PHP, we have completed hundreds of other projects working with frameworks like Laravel, Yii, AngularJS, Node.js, Magento and OpenCart.

With years of experience and hundreds of .NET projects completed, our development abilities permit our clients to trust us with their most complex .NET projects without a second thought. Our first ASP software was developed in 1997 when the official specs for ASP were not even published by Microsoft.

We are not just a software development company, we are-in fact-a product development company which also sells programming services. For our internal and external products, we have repeatedly chosen ROR over other technologies and have benefited extremely from this choice.

Python is the second most powerful programming language ever invented and Django is the most prevalent framework for Python. Django may not be as popular as Python, but it’s packed with utility, and one which our most skilled engineers happen to know inside-out.

We have been exploring the industrial potential of the Robot Operating System because we believe its universal adoption is inevitable. After success with our in-house robots, we are eager to work with our customers to implement the real-world application of these systems.

We love taking ideas and transforming them into real applications. We have a separate vertical for iOS and Android programming. It has its own mobile-centric programmers, designers and SQA professionals who bring state of the art business apps and 2D games to life.