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How Is The Future Of Influencer Marketing Changing?

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Over the past few years, Influencer marketing has been the talk of the town. There is no doubt that the future of influencer marketing is ripe with opportunities.

More and more brands are emerging every day that are investing in influence marketing by acknowledging its benefits. By the end of 2020, the influencer market is expected to become a $10 billion market.

Setting the sails high, but what this industry holds for the future? Similar to other developing technologies, this will also develop and shift with new trends and technologies.

A few of the change’s influencer market is ready to anticipate are listed below.

The emergence of Influencer Networks

Influencing marketing is all about collaborating and associating with the right group of folks.

The choice of brands they choose to endorse defines the reputation and authority of the influencer. This is similar to making power centers of influence for various niches. These centers are further linked to each other because many niches overlap.

The entire emphasis lies on the interconnectedness of different niches for the more flourishing future of influencer marketing.

Brands are seen ready to invest more in evaluating influencer networks to get the most benefit out of it.

Emphasis on Micro-Influencers

Less is more—several brands have also begun to understand this phenomenon.
To get higher engagement on their posts, micro-influencers maintain the personal bond with their followers. Their followers are less but their engagement is organic, real, and higher.

Micro-influencers will most certainly rule the future as they tend to go slow but they are steady in their growth which is more stable and long-lasting.

Increase of In-House Influencer Programs

Several brands are now collaborating with these influencers after realizing how essential their long-term associations are for their better marketing. They are welcoming new ways and are exploring new ideas.

The future lies in the in-house influencer programs for better influencer marketing. Unlike content distribution, influencer marketing focuses on building relationships with people.

With influencers working in-house comes loyalty and a sense of relatability that other influencers can’t match. This way the endorsement becomes more genuine and authentic.

Stricter Guidelines For Advertising

Previously influencer marketing had an image of being immoral and unethical.

Following the issues, the Federal Trade Commission issued a set of guidelines to protect the best interests of consumers.

Under those guidelines, the influencers were obligated to disclose their associations with brands. They need to disclose whenever they are writing paid reviews or when they receive a free product. This makes the entire influencing practices appear more transparent and clearer.

It is expected that the future will bring stricter guidelines for influencer marketing and they will be focused more on keeping the trust of consumers high.

The Rise of CGI Influencers

CGI influencers have also changed the way brands view collaborations. These are the interactive influencers who are created with the help of computer-generated imagery.

CGI influencers are manufactured in the virtual world. Programmers and designers are working tirelessly to create posed posts of these influencers in many exotic locations.

Since the brands can entirely control how their products are being advertised, this has gained great popularity among several brands.

Appearing in many games and apps, these CGI influencers has reduced the unpredictability of real-life, and creators are optimistic about their future in influencer marketing.

Ready for the Future of Influencer Marketing?

To communicate their message to consumers in an interactive manner, many brands are relying on influencers to target their audience.

These are just some of the predicted ways that will influence the future of influence marketing. Influence marketing will be more strongly focusing on its core which is a genuine, relatable connection between followers and creators. 

At Nextbridge, we understand this shifting curve and are efforts are very much inclined towards the technology shift that the world is facing today. If you have any query related, please feel free to drop us a message and get connected to our team. 

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