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How to Block Mind Reading Technology – Nextbridge

  • Post published:May 22, 2023

In recent years, neurotechnologies have shifted from labs to the real world. For instance, police forces are using such tech to check whether someone is guilty of a crime or not. Essentially the machine shows brain signals and other body vitals on which we can make an assumption. Mind reading technology has a future and can give us new insights into our own minds. But the bad side of this technology is, if it falls into bad hands the results could be dangerous. But one question raises is how to block mind reading technology and stop it from falling into bad hands? 

Does Mind Reading Technology Exist?

Wireless mind-reading technology exists right now in the form of Computed Tomography known as CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging known as MRI, and electroencephalography.

Through these technologies doctors can easily read the brain function through “neuro-imaging”. This helps in diagnosis and treatment. Due to integration of AI and ML advancement in brain research has reached another level. 

Another technology being used is the Brain Computer Interface known as BCI to read brain signals. This helps police to read mental waves to detect if someone is telling the truth or not. 

Significance of mind reading technology

Regardless of the benefits of mind reading scanners people do not want their mind being read. Some people feel like technology is serving the purpose of mind control.

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On the other hand, use of such technologies has helped us understand the human brain working and reached new heights. Through the technology doctors have been able to diagnose better and sooner saving millions of lives. Thus, with all the progress we have made over the years, we are close to having such technology, in the form of a mind reading scanner. On the other hand, everyone is trying to avoid this wireless mind reading technology.

The internet is filled with the evidence of technologies that are in different phases of development and testing. Are you still having a difficult time digesting that tech, Artificial Intelligence, and the human brain can be connected through a machine? Let us understand the connection between the human brain and a machine first.

Mind and machine connection

Our brain and a machine can be connected through various ways. Of which, reading pulse rate, 4wires into a machine. Which transforms the read data into oscillations or different waves. 

Another way is making connections between the brain and the machine through an interface, through which a person’s thoughts can be read. University of Essex study found that AI industry has the potential to change the lives of people and how they connect via the mind-reading technology. The simplest example of mind and machine communication without the integration of AI is how Stephen hawking was able to communicate. One of the latest releases of this technology is Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Another version of mind reader software is BCI technology which is combined with smart devices for home and personal assistance. Now, people are worried about their personal safety and how to block mind reading technology. With evolving tech we have more concerns about the significant ethical ramifications.

How to block mind reading technology?

Magnetic resonance imaging, a.k.a MRI, has been established as a tool that doctors and neuroscientists use from the beginning. Combined with new technology, AI MRI would be able to perform better and be used for other functionalities. For instance, in our brain the development of non-material reading could be read better. This could help in much more than just diagnosing diseases.

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Another example is the combination of facial features and what goes on in the brain. These are the two processes that run side by side. Reading better the brain can help detect fear and lies even if someone is able to hide their expressions. 

Other than this, detailed imaging of the brain and connection between its different parts would be understood better. This is essential for efforts made to develop techniques for answering the mystery that is, how to use and efficiently block wireless mind reading technology.

But because each one of our brains work differently. It cannot be said that if a study or evidence of blocking illegal mind reading is found, how efficiently it can be applied to other humans. Brain imaging and lie detectors sometimes fail to test someone who is lying. But, with this forensic neuroscience technology, which is by the way still under development, one cannot escape. So, one can check and know for sure if the person you are questioning is speaking the truth or not. 

Final Thoughts

The main aspects of this technology are human mind AI and the machine that plays the central part. If we focus on the human part only then this technology can be greatly used for greater good and play an integral part of medical science. If we focus on other parts, then this technology could be used to make our lives and judicial system easier. That is, for instance, used in law enforcement. Eventually human lives would be made easier and we would grow in terms of technology. However, the other side of the coin here is: if this technology falls into the wrong hands it could wreak havoc and a lot of bad would be done. Which again, would greatly impact everyone’s lives but in a negative way. 

The biggest threat right now is to our privacy and our thoughts. Thus, it will take time to get it regularized and get laws approved for its fair usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is used in mind-reading?

Wireless Mind reading tech uses technologies like EEG, fNIRS [functional near-infrared spectroscopy], fMRI [functional magnetic resonance imaging], EMG and other similar types of technologies. It collects data like electrophysiological and other human brain functions.

Is a mind reading scanner possible?

A machine that can decode brain activity into different forms of output, from waves to text are possible. This breakthrough is even possible through non-invasively.

Is there a brain reading machine?

Brain-machine interface, known as BMI, exists. And its function is to read the brain’s electrical activity. The BMI machine catches signals from the brain and carries out actions depending on it. For instance, it is connected to a wheelchair and upon a signal it starts moving forward.

Can your mind be read remotely?

Yes, AI and ML combined with the latest tech can read brain activity. It can measure and read it remotely through devices. 

Can artificial intelligence read your mind?

Artificial intelligence and ML based tech is being devices which can read and decode brain signals even better than existing ones. But it is not officially released or announced yet. 

Can computers read our minds?

Computers can read signals and convert them into desired output which they are trained to do. Behind the scene there is an algorithm which is a piece of code that does the work. As a result of reading brain signals the computer can show it in different forms like images or waves. 

How to block mind reading technology?

Keeping yourself away from such devices, do not expose sensitive material on the internet and to any device. Try to keep your personal things and personal life as private as possible.