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NVIDIA Demonstrates Creative AI Avatars in The Form of Toys

  • Post published:November 19, 2021

Have you ever seen a creative AI Avatar in the form of a toy? Even we haven’t!

Here’s how NVIDIA has introduced a new Omniverse Avatar, a 3D assistant that is as realistic as you and we. You may call it a virtual persona as they do.

NVIDIA introduces two new inventions that include Omniverse Avatar and Riva, which is an artificial intelligence-powered human bot. They operate them digitally and enhance human interaction through the natural language processing (NLP) algorithm.

NVIDIA extracted the idea of an AI Avatar from a woman’s photo and implied RIVA on it to produce a similar artificial voice.

RIVA converts text into speech, translates it into different languages, moves its head to maintain natural eye contact, and acts as a virtual helper.

The Other Projects Under The Omniverse Avatar

There are a variety of mini-projects processing under the umbrella of AI Avatar that are as follows:

1- Project Tokkio

NVIDIA is technical enough to introduce a “talking kiosk” as a reference app to represent a complete artificial character. They have tested this creative AI Avatar on their CEO, Jensen Heung, by ray-tracing him. This Omniverse Avatar used AI to imitate his posture, dress code, and voice that is RIVA-trained.

Creative AI Avatar

2- Project Maxine

It resolves the problems that exist during video conferencing and follows a demonstration of a person who speaks in his native language even in a noisy environment.

The avatar standing in front of him heard clearly and replied in multiple languages.

How is Creative AI Avatar Revolutionizing?

The concept of Omniverse Avatars seems science fiction to you right now but it is becoming an integral part of technological innovations.

In 2019, the Chinese introduced an AI Avatar that imitated AI anchors. At that time, they presented an Omniverse Avatar that acted and spoke different languages.

Such inventions are revolutionizing the new world by earning a massive amount of money by launching digital humans for an approximate budget of $45 million.

AI companies are advanced enough to engage people using the voice of celebrities that matches the concept of RIVA. They can easily communicate to everyone through a mobile app for the promotion of movies, songs, books and maintain a one-to-one relationship.

Creative AI Avatar Revolutionizing

Name The Programs Used To Create Omniverse Avatars

NVIDIA has incorporated the following programs to produce a creative AI Avatar:

  • Speech AI
  • Simulation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Facial animation
  • Computer vision
  • Recommendation engines
  • 3D ray-traced graphics

What Are The Key Elements of Omniverse Avatar?

NVIDIA’s Omniverse avatar utilizes the elements mentioned above and uses the following technologies:

  • NVIDIA Riva is a software development kit used for speech recognition and generation of human-like speech responses with the help of text-to-speech capabilities
  • AI avatar has a natural language understanding that relies on Megatron 530B that recognizes, understands, and generates a human language
  • Avatar’s recommendation engine runs through NVIDIA Merlin which is a framework that allows businesses to get a deep learning recommender system to manage extensive data
  • Its perception capabilities are allowed by NVIDIA metropolis that includes a computer vision framework or video analytics
  • Animation of AI avatar is powered by NVIDIA Audio2Face and Video2Face, a 2D and 3D AI-driven facial animation that involves different rendering technologies
Key Elements of Omniverse Avatar

What Are The Benefits of Creative AI Avatars?

Omniverse Avatars ensure stability in the life of celebrities, CEOs, business persons, anchors, presenters, etc. It saves their time in the execution of future projects and elevates everyone’s position.

Let’s explore some other benefits:

1) Communication

Are you a spokesperson? Do you want your assistant to manage your job? Here’s a lifesaving solution for you.

An invention of AI Avatars assists spokespersons, journalists, anchors, radio broadcasters, national representatives, etc.

Through the use of updated AI-powered mobile apps, you can allow people to create their own AI avatars. Now it is easier for everyone to create AI Avatars through a single photo or using facial Emojis while texting.


2) Training and Instructing

Like NVIDIA, you can create an artificial AI Avatar to instruct and train your team from anywhere in the world. Mostly, CEOs are busy managing different tasks and are not performative among employees. Omniverse Avatar is a beneficial invention for one of them to bisect tasks and assist their teams.

Experts have witnessed a tremendous impact of augmented reality and virtual reality that is beneficial for their businesses. These digital education Omniverse Avatars are modern enough to boost engagement and maintain memory retention through virtual classrooms.

Wrapping Up

Omniverse Avatars impact future marketplaces and investors. They modify and transform a normal personality into a passionate one to work recklessly.

Are you planning a creative AI avatar for your business? Consult us now. Nextbridge is a one-shop-stop to assist you in different domains.