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Guide to Deepfake AI – 3 Times Deepfake AI Stun the World

  • Post published:May 19, 2021

As Newton once said ‘every action has an equal reaction.’ The reactions of AI are making headlines, and little did you know that it’s causing some serious threat to your privacy and data security. Believe it or not, this has even left the technology enthusiasts in awe. Our talk is all about the notorious Deepfake AI Technology that is used to create convincing images, audio and video hoaxes.

Deepfake AI Explained

Deepfake is the product of Deep Learning, which is known for improving and learning on its own. Talking about those photoshopped and morphed images, Deepfake AI technology was initiated back in 2018 and since then it has stunned the world numerous times. Alone in September 2019, 15000 deepfake videos surfaced online. And what was more worrisome to the situation was 96% of those deepfakes were obscene photos and videos.

Deepfake AI Technology

This Deepfake AI Technology mainly relies on deep learning’s algorithm known as generative adversarial networks (GANs). It’s the Deepfake AI App today which makes this all easily possible for the end-users. Up to the latest, Deepfake isn’t only about tampered photos or videos done intelligently, even this form of technology is setting bars high with faking voices as originals.

3 Infamous Deepfake AI Technology Incidents

Imagine Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Who says you can’t go back to your past. Universally, it is only possible with the time machine right? Here we introduce you to Deepfake AI technology. So now sit back and relax as this short video shows some serious results featuring Lynda Carter as your 70’s Wonder Woman. This fascinating sequence has enough to settle the imagination of moviegoers.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Confession

You’d have seen numerous videos of Mark Zuckerberg telling about how Facebook’s data protection and security is. This Deepfake video will make you think otherwise. Because it shows Mark’s confessing about manipulating the user and even predicting the data’s behavior for personal gains. The video stirred controversy for many, still many were wise enough to know the fake voice-over and lip-sync ruining the show.

Trump on Beligum’s Inclusion in Paris Climate Agreement

This one is taken as the first-ever use of Deepfake AI technology in the political arena. One of Belgium’s popular political parties shared this post on Facebook. The video shows Donald Trump lambasting Belgium over inclusion in the Paris Climate Agreement in 2018. The video had very little or no impact as it was poorly crafted. Especially, the voice and facial gestures of Trump made netizens quick to catch this fake video.

3 Tips to Detect Deepfake AI

3 Tips to Detect Deepfake AI

1- Check the Source of the Video

Everything on the internet isn’t true, and that’s equally your counterattack move against these Deepfake AI technology videos and images. The simple technique is to check the publishing source of the content and trace it back to know if it’s some real source or a forged event trying to imitate the real one.

2- Reverse Images Search

Google Images is one of the easiest ways to check on all the relevant images. Once you get all the relevant images, check their publishing details and fake edits to distinguish it between the real and fake images.

3- Videos lack emotions

If you clearly see, the fake videos via Deep technology AI lack emotions. Just zoom in on the video or image and check the outlines if they are authentic or created using machine learning.