No one should be stuck in an endless 9-5 loop. Life outside the development halls is a big part of the Nextbridge culture. We cut lose, compete and keep score.

Nextbridge Literary Society

A literary session held by the Nextbridge literary society to discuss books, words and to exchange ideas about philosophical musings over tea. The purpose of the event was to promote reading culture and draw attention towards art and culture.

Board Games Tournament – 2020

Take a peek into the board games tournament, where the winners and players rejoiced with the same passion. Find out what went down and up during the most amazing and awaited Board Games Tournament at Nextbridge.

Independence Day – 2020

Independence Day became a little extra special for NBians as a lot of us were celebrating it virtually. To begin the day with Flag hoisting, moving on with singing national anthem over a Zoom call, planting trees and then all the colors merged into one, Green!

It is vital to mention that Nextbridge went solar, to make a eco-friendly move for a Green Pakistan! Find all the emotions bursting with passion, and all fun and sweet (find those cute little cupcakes) activities done with undying patriotism

Women’s Day – 2020

Our women are their own heroes and knights in shining armor. On International Women's Day, It was all about celebrating the women who lead, support, and inspire us every single day.

It was not just another self-pampering day at the spa ( that too included) but the gathering became more of an interactive rendezvous when renowned author and politician Bushra Rahman enlightened the young minds of our brilliant women with her true to life speech. This right here is an image of a modern and futuristic woman grounded in her values and strong enough to lead the way.

Nextbridge Super League – 2020

As Mike Singletary said, “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” We at Nextbridge not only provide the opportunity to work but we also promote the sports events to keep our workforce fit and energetic.

Highlights of Nextbridge Super League and interdepartmental matches held in the earlier weeks of every year.

NSL Kit Distribution Ceremony – 2020

Warm-up and the thrill of the game just before the day it starts can be visualized by looking at these images of the opening night of NSL matches. All the teams gather up to receive their sports kits. The kit distributions ceremony that is held every year holds its own significance and tradition to boost the team spirit.

Call of Duty Mobile – 2020

"He conquers who endures."— Persius( quoted saying in call of duty series). Nextbridge arranged Call of Duty Mobile – 2020 to boost the spirit of game players in the organization.

After all, duty is not always about project deliveries and work. Its the ultimate call to play!

Karaoke Night – 2020

Nextbridge doesn't miss any chance to bring the fun in our people's lives. Keeping the everyday work routine aside we decided to host karaoke Night and we got to know that we have a bunch of fine singers in the house. People from different departments of the organization got the chance to mingle and sing their hearts out.

Foosball – 2020

We asked our teams if they can play football on a table and the answer was a big YES. We decided to arrange a Foosball match and our employees loved playing it. Foosball match was quite an event this year

New Year – 2020

Call us hopeless romantics but we at Nextbridge make a big deal out of New Year’s eve. New beginnings have this magical impact on the mind and soul. It has been the legacy to not only share resolutions for the upcoming year but pump up our energy to start anew.

Cooking Competition – 2019

Apart from creating matchless codes and building top-notch products. Hidden gems at Nextbridge have some crazy cooking skills to prepare finger-licking dishes. Oh yes, we might start our own cooking show. Wouldnt that be fun? Programers and coders fighting over whose dish is more aligned and seamless. (Just kidding guys)

Nbians cooked their favorite dishes and the talent pool participated enthusiastically. From Cricket matches to Cooking Competitions we have done it all.

Quaid-e-Azam Day – 2019

Leaders are born in nations that thrive on honesty, truth, and sacrifice. History never forgets those who made it happen. Therefore, Nextbridge doesn't forget to pay homage to our national heroes. We celebrated the day of Father of the nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah by recalling his struggles for creating a separate homeland for the Muslims of Subcontinent. Participants of this event contributed by reading poetry, singing national songs, and delivering amazing speeches.

Ludo Competition – 2019

The most hyped game of 2019 was Ludo. But instead of playing online, we planned an in house Ludo Competition which really went well. The game was tricky and so were the players and this event went as memorable as the rest.

Iqbal Day Mushaira – 2019

There are personalities, who live long on the pages of history even when they are gone from this temporary world. Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of those great leaders, who pave the way for seekers of truth with the light of hope.

We celebrated our national poet's birthday by reading some of his poetry and giving speeches about his life and the struggles that he faced. Our employees also gave speeches on his ideology for a separate homeland for Muslims.

Karaoke Session – 2019

Just as they say "too much workload can lead to too much stress". A singing competition was organized for our employees and the participants of this session sang their traditional songs, hip hop, national songs, and qawwali. Our employees enjoyed it with their full zeal, so much fun that the tables were feeling the vibration even after the day of Karaoke. For us, it's not the event but the memories that keep us motivated.

FIFA – 2019

As we all know that about 4% of the world population enjoys playing football but some of them enjoy it playing at home. Here you can see our coolest players at full swing and the smiles bursting from their faces reflect the energy itself.

So what if we cant transport to Spain or brazil? We can always stir our feet to “Waka waka” and pretend its the stadium on fire.

Dumb Charades – 2019

"Dumb charades" organized for the quirky people of our company. Our employees showed their funny hidden talents with their mouths shut. This game brought laughter on the faces of our employees after some hectic days of workload.

Let us tell you one thing, this is a game that requires focus and creativity. NBians brought their creativity manifested in their funny gestures.

Ali Baba Summit China – 2019

They say, “To define is to limit.” We are all up for it because the universe has no boundaries and we must explore. Small successes on the way are just stepping stones for the bigger dream.
Our company was invited to Ali Baba Summit China, and our talented representatives attended the event. Our team participated and received accolades for their Ace services.

Table Tennis Tournament – 2019

The event was enjoyable and sporty, to say the least. A lot of competitive energy was unleashed among the teams divided into pairs. Finally, the winners bagged their trophy and took it home.

The game has a totally different spirit when you no one is ready to lose. But, it's more fun when no one is ready to give up. Touchwood, because we have some really stubborn players.

Pictionary – 2019

Tricky games are enjoyed by every person and they also help us in mental development. We organized "Pictionary" for our employees. It was enticing and interesting to see high spirits among the participants.

Independence Day – 2018

Nextbridge always tries to make independence day more memorable by organizing an independence day event. A day filled with fun activities, where our employees get a chance to show their love and affection towards their beloved homeland.

Women’s Day – 2018

We celebrated the women, who make our days easier by participating, helping, and working side by side with us. A special women's Day event was held to appreciate the efforts of our warrior women.

Nextbridge Super League – 2018

As we know that cricket is the most played sport in Pakistan, how could Nextbridge forget it? So, we organized this event for the sporty employees of our company. It was a cheerful day for all of us.