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Communication Security Concerns – The Age of Alienation

  • Post published:February 10, 2021

Security has become a huge concern for people, and more importantly, it’s the issue of privacy. Personal and professional data has to be stored in a way that it can guard against attackers and data thieves. It can be manipulated and used against you. It is a worrisome situation, and therefore communication should be made discreet, confidential, and secured.

They are calling it the age of alienation where we are connected by technology and yet ironically that very technology is somehow posing threat concerning communication security issues.

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Communication Security Concerns – The Age of Alienation

Alienation is simply defined as when we are living separately without interacting with people in our environment or surroundings. In this modern age, lately, we are facing this particular phenomenon at a much greater length. Enterprises and companies have started working remotely, and the ‘work from home’ trend rose to popularity. However, this also gave popularity to online tools for communication such as audio and video conferencing tools.

The changing landscape of communication has also given birth to some significant security concerns. It not only puts people at risk of violation of privacy but it can also provide room for cyberattacks and exposes the vulnerability of enterprises and their confidential data.

Where the Wind Blows – Communication Security Concerns

It has become apparent to many businesses and people that their communication networks or tools can be compromised. With the rage in the development of such communication tools, it also became vital to keep the security in check.

Apart from businesses, it was also a turning point for Institutions such as universities, schools, and training institutes to move from the traditional approach and makeshift to the digital sphere. But it is not as easy as it sounds, as you have to keep many things under consideration.

Zoom became the ‘go-to’ choice for many people, but soon its competitors like Google Meet, Google Hangout, and Microsoft Teams fought back with free and powerful features. The privacy and security concerns also became stronger when issues such as ‘zoombombing’ started creating challenges for people. That’s when companies realized that in order to make this remote work safer for their employees and partners, it is important to choose the safer alternative for communication security especially when it comes to audio and video conferencing tools.

This issue can also occur for the website services if you are using their ‘web versions’ for the communication purpose. Since they also allow you to conduct the video meeting while sharing the documents files. So it gives leverage to the hacker or attacker to share a virus or any unsolicited data. In order to prevent this, just an antivirus won’t cut it anymore. To catch malicious viruses or spam documents, you need to build the best security mechanism. There are different types of communication security issues that can occur such as:

  • Malware attacks
  • Data Breaches
  • Communication Disruptions

But you need to have the preventive measure in place in order to combat such communication security-related issues. You can counter the threats and grab them by the neck to protect the sanctity and privacy of your communication system. For example,

  • You can protect and safeguard the server network and increase security.
  • You can also put firewalls in place to avoid any kind of encryption violation.
  • If you have a large enterprise, you can also set up a physical security center to protect the data and all modes of communication. It is usually effective in the case of government institutions, as this allows you to also fight the environmental challenges.
  • It is also very vital to maintain an uninterrupted communication security network, so you gotta maintain a balanced power supply system for normal working of the communication network and architecture.
  • Regular security maintenance is necessary because you have to establish a system that can keep your security measures in check.
  • Overall security mechanism empowers you to avoid any kind of unlikely events such as malware attacks, and other cybersecurity issues at hand.

Get over your Communication Security Concerns

It has become crucial for online businesses and large enterprises to have an encrypted system, and for that, they need silver bullet solutions to stay ahead of their competitors. Because you never know how or when your communication system can be compromised. When the enemy is unseen, you need to be on your toes right. Give them a bulletproof network, that they can never crack.

But in order to ensure the excellent delivery of security solutions to resolve communication security issues. You need to figure out if your system is already configured and secured. When was the last time that you did a security audit? We understand that not everybody wants to build their audio or video conferencing tools, but you must be aware of any existing vulnerabilities. You can discuss it with security experts to identify.

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