Master AI, ML, & DS with these Vloggers

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Do you use YouTube specifically for digital entertainment? Are you not bored of watching infinite cat or dog videos? Other than to explore such media, why not make use of your free time effectively? YouTube is no more a random video-sharing platform. Instead, you can use it to master AI, ML and practice data science concepts effectively. Is there anyone …

data robots

What is all the Buzz About Data Robots?

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Go back and think about the last time, when you’d had piles of data and wished for data robots to help you magically sort it out. Advanced data robotics is no magic, but it uses the most latest technology at its disposal to build smart solutions that offer: Affordability Efficiency Speed Scalability Reliability 100% Security They are powerful enough to …

golang tutorial

Discover the Wonderful World of Golang

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Software development is not a piece of cake when it comes to creating a seamless process to achieve desired results. Recent trends reveal searches for golang tutorial and learn golang. But what is golang? The golang learning path may be challenging, but it’s interesting. Go is a popular programming language, that has become a buzzword now. A language that is …

Veterinary Software Market

Underrated: Pet Management System and app development Market

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Do you know that it is projected that the pet care industry will grow to $358.62 million by the year 2027? That is a huge claim, but we can’t deny the numbers, as numbers don’t lie. Therefore many people are venturing into this business. From building powerful web apps to veterinary software systems, the world is crazy about pet care …

Iterative Development

Benefits of Iterative Development

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Agile methodologies are one of the most frequently used software development tactics these days. The Iterative Development Method amongst all agile approaches offers supreme easiness in the software development execution. The Iterative Development Method is executed in tiny steps, but you can very well attain intermediate results. This is why you are going to take a deeper dive into the …


The Climb: PropTech is on the Rise

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2020 undoubtedly proved to be one of the most incredible years for the rise of Proptech. The excitement up-surged among the real estate agents to further explore some possibilities of real estate mergers with high technology. Will this growth be sustained in 2021 as well? We are going to talk about some PropTech trends that are all the rage and …

online payment system

The Best Online Payment Experience Defined

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Customer expectations are inevitably evolving with time. But how to prepare for the unpreventable evolution of your customers’ expectations? Furthermore, they expect you to keep up with their anticipations and beliefs. If you want to give them an outstanding experience; we unveil some best online payment systems and processes that can help you out. Those who are running businesses must …

Software Launch

Draw a Roadmap for your Software Launch

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Are you planning to go for a new software launch? Maybe you have an idea that looks worth the time and dedication? Maybe you’re just looking to put out a product that you know for sure is going to sell like hotcakes. Wait! Do you have all of the plans sorted out? Or you’re just going to see the launch …

chatbot vs voicebot

Chatbot vs Voicebot: A Robot Combat

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A chatbot is not a new invention; the first-ever was developed in the year 1966. This novel device that started a revolution was first designed at MIT and they called it ELIZA. Nowadays, building a bot is everybody’s dream. But what confuses the most of you is either to develop a voicebot or a chatbot. This brings you to this …