Employing Data Analytics for Business Growth

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Most of the data that businesses have is unstructured. Therefore, it gets extremely difficult to analyze and assess mass data which is a problem for companies nowadays. This is where the need for data analytics comes in. Data analytics provides useful insights from which numerous companies are growing their business because of strategic business moves and better business decisions. Companies …

weather forecasting using artificial intelligence

AI & Weather Forecasting – The Likeliest Match

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Is weather forecasting using artificial intelligence possible? It is not only possible but the fact is that AI is used in artificial intelligence all over the world. To be honest, it makes perfect sense for Artificial Intelligence to be used in predicting weather forecasts as it has all the tools needed to do that. With the advancement of AI in …

Software Development Outsourcing

The Utility of Software Development Outsourcing

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Are you looking for a software development outsourcing company? Before you contact one, make sure you know the ins and outs of software development outsourcing as it will enable you to make a better decision. What is Software Development Outsourcing? Software development outsourcing can simply be understood as a process which involves one party seeking expertise from an external party …

Dear science, where would we be without you

Dear science, where would we be without you?

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Dear science, where would we be without you? We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically. Neil DeGrasse Tyson We absolutely agree with him because we are all part of one mind, we are made of energy. Are you prone to energies around you? Can you feel people’s energy? …

5g technology

5G is a Game-Changer: But How?

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4G high-speed technology is used worldwide to text, call, and surf the internet. But, there are rumors that superior technology is going to replace it and the new one will have the potential to transform the world in a better way. You guessed it right, we are talking about the 5G technology. What is 5G Technology? 5G is an SDN …

OnshOnshoring vs Offshoring vs Nearshoringoring vs Offshoring vs Nearshoring

The Golden Circle – Onshoring vs Offshoring vs Nearshoring vs Remote Engineering

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With the rise in globalization, convergence, and remote engineering, Onshoring vs Offshoring vs Nearshoring also became a vital topic of discussion. Many businesses have adapted to these models and different types of outsourcing. However, they are interchangeably used without even realizing that they stand for different processes. So we are here to elaborate the difference quickly once and for all. …

Remote Learning Challenges

Find the Best Solutions to all the Remote Learning Challenges

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Remote Learning Challenges can be very overwhelming for both students and educators. New York Times conducted research focused on the challenges of remote learning for students which revealed there was a significant majority of students turning up for classes. Many of the educational institutions made the curriculum and reading material openly available for their students. But no matter how much-advanced …

Communication Security Concerns

Communication Security Concerns – The Age of Alienation

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Security has become a huge concern for people, and more importantly, it’s the issue of privacy. Personal and professional data has to be stored in a way that it can guard against attackers and data thieves. It can be manipulated and used against you. It is a worrisome situation, and therefore communication should be made discreet, confidential, and secured. They …