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A Guide To Run An eCommerce Business

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If you think this is the right time for you to learn eCommerce business from scratch, then you’re certainly at the right place! The eCommerce business industry today as we speak is exploding. Shopping online used to be a convenience and a luxury, but now – it’s a necessity. The eCommerce has been growing rapidly for a while, and the …

Alibaba Country Manager’s Visit to Nextbridge

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Over the last 7 months, Nextbridge and Alibaba have collaborated to set up a team of sales and support staff in Pakistan to facilitate local businesses in exporting their products through Not only have the two been successful in rolling out this facility on schedule but also exceeded targets month after month within this short span of time. To further …

Nextbridge Annual Recognition Program

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Every year, NBians from Lahore, Multan and Islamabad Centers come together for the Annual Nextbridge Recognition Program. The occasion celebrates the contributions and achievements of Nexbridge’s development teams and engineers over the previous year. This year’s ceremony was held at Royal Palm Lahore but did more than just highlight the engineering talent. The hosts took over right after the crowd had …

Spotted: Mechatronics Engineer in her Zone

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Meet NBian #1907! #1907 is a Mechatronics Engineer working on a circuit board meant for the prototype of an autonomous machine that is able to map its surroundings and navigate through obstacles. But a system like that isn’t the work of a single engineer nor does it happen by chance. She is among a team of Nextbridge engineers working on the design, mechanics …

Nextbridge’s Global Service Partnership with

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The reality of Pakistan’s position in the international market is greatly influenced in recent years by China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, and it has certainly improved the country’s potential to improve its production facilities and multiply its exports. However, Pakistan’s business practices are in dire need of modernization and in order for it to benefit from the most sophisticated channels …

WordPress Meetup Lahore – January 2017

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This occasion marked the 12th WordPress Meetup of Pakistan. Meetups like these are fueled completely by organizers and community effort and thanks to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s address, made to the Lahore WordPress community late last year at WordCampUS 2016, many young developers and enthusiasts were motivated to attend.

Pancake Preparation : Robot Manipulation

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Baxter is making pancakes. NextRobotics has automated the whole process of pancake preparation with a little help from ROS and Computer Vision. The motion plan of Baxter’s arm is planned based on the output of detection through an external camera. The camera, placed at top of the hot plate, captures the image and runs the Detection Algorithm which tells the …

Attabad Lake Tour 16

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We took our long time friend and client Denis Van Den Weghe for a trip to the northern areas of Pakistan for a tour of Attabad lake. Denis has visited more than 60 countries and is the Belgian Honorary Counsel to Kazakhstan. The untamed area near Hunza is a classic example of the breathtaking beauty offered by natural attractions across …

Reception Revamp Competition

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The Reception Revamp Competition brought together students from all over Lahore to share their innovative and inspiring designs for our reception area. Over the course of the competition we invited students to visit our offices for an orientation, Q&A and walk about tour. We also hosted an exhibition of the winning designs and presented candidates with prizes. Ms. Hira Irfan …