Front-end javascript frameworks are the best!

Something that only JS Frameworks can provide than HTML

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Excellent Uses of JavaScript In the world of software development, JavaScript is one of the most prevalent and extensively used programming languages. It won’t be incorrect to say that it is rising quicker than any other programming language that is present. Tech giants such as PayPal, Netflix, Walmart use JavaScript for server-side programming. Simply put, it’s the language of the …

What are agile user story and how to write them

What are agile user stories and how to write them

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What is an agile user story? How do you write user stories in agile product development? What does an agile user story look like? Are you curious to find answers to these questions? We can surely help you! An agile user story is perhaps the most in-demand tactic to learn product capabilities. Many think that working with a user story …

A Guide to know all about Globalization testing in QA

A Guide to Know all about Globalization Testing in QA

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With the advancement of science and technology, the world has turned into a global village. Countries from different cultures interact and trade with each other. This is the reason why various software applications are being developed to keep different countries connected across the globe. Such software applications are part of a greater agenda known as Globalization Testing. Globalized software is …

Scope of Ruby on Rails in 2021

Imagine what you could build if you Learn Ruby on Rails

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Ruby on Rails or simply Rails is a web framework that has been specifically designed to create websites as quickly as possible. As evident from its name, it runs on Ruby language. Acting as a natural programming language, ROR is specially designed to enhance developer’s productivity. Being a versatile framework, it allows you to create several types of applications and …

Have we reached the era of autonomous artificial intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Really Get Autonomous?

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There is no doubt that Autonomous Artificial Intelligence is formidable since it adds billions of dollars to the economy owing to its impressive applications. But irrespective of all the hype—wonders AI is performing—that you come across on the internet or in action movies, that is pure fiction. To start off, we need to first understand what “autonomous” actually means. According …

MoEYs eLearning programme earned 140,000 registrations in just a day

MoEYs eLearning programme: How this App Earned 140,000 Registers in just a Day

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MoEYs eLearning programme is an app that was launched on May 7th by The Ministry and The Union Youth Federation of Cambodia and it pulled in 140,000 registrations in just a day which is epic! In a world where many believe that eLearning is killing education, how come this particular app earned this many enrollments? Dr. Aaron Barth, thought-leader and …

Guide to Deepfake AI Technology 3 Times Deepfake Stun the World

Guide to Deepfake AI – 3 Times Deepfake AI Stun the World

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As Newton once said ‘every action has an equal reaction.’ The reactions of AI are making headlines, and little did you know that it’s causing some serious threat to your privacy and data security. Believe it or not, this has even left the technology enthusiasts in awe. Our talk is all about the notorious Deepfake AI Technology that is used …

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning – Know the Difference

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Supervised and Unsupervised learning: What’s the Difference? We, humans, learn from our past experiences because our history makes us better learners. But machines don’t learn this way. They learn from instructions that are given by humans. How? I would like to describe this with an example. Anna wants to buy a house but she’s on a tight budget. So, she …