Is there an afterlife for your Gadgets (laptops, mobile phones)?

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We know that gadgets and devices come with certain age and lifecycle. The world has this balancing act that everything disappears after its “time” is over. It is also applied to tangible non-living things because we are always using them. You’d be surprised to know that your mobile phone comes with “never-ending death.” Yes, it’s true that even though you …

VR Games

Get Real-Best VR Games you can play right now

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Virtual reality is an incredible platform for VR games. It is home to several breathtaking and immersive gaming experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. VR games also come with numerous headset choices. From Valve Index and HTC Vive to standalone stars like the Oculus Quest to the low-key console compatible PlayStation VR, there’s a headset to suit a range …


We Fly Together

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History never forgets those who sing in the face of atrocity and dark times. And the future belongs to those who have the preparedness to remain together and steadfast during these challenging times. By remaining mindful of the situation, we at Nextbridge are prepared to tackle the challenges for the protection of our workforce. Living in self-quarantine with uncertainty looming …

eCommerce Business with Nextbridge

A Guide To Run An eCommerce Business

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If you think this is the right time for you to learn eCommerce business from scratch, then you’re certainly at the right place! The eCommerce business industry today as we speak is exploding. Shopping online used to be a convenience and a luxury, but now – it’s a necessity. The eCommerce has been growing rapidly for a while, and the …

Alibaba Country Manager’s Visit to Nextbridge

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Over the last 7 months, Nextbridge and Alibaba have collaborated to set up a team of sales and support staff in Pakistan to facilitate local businesses in exporting their products through Not only have the two been successful in rolling out this facility on schedule but also exceeded targets month after month within this short span of time. To further …

Nextbridge Annual Recognition Program

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Every year, NBians from Lahore, Multan and Islamabad Centers come together for the Annual Nextbridge Recognition Program. The occasion celebrates the contributions and achievements of Nexbridge’s development teams and engineers over the previous year. This year’s ceremony was held at Royal Palm Lahore but did more than just highlight the engineering talent. The hosts took over right after the crowd had …

Spotted: Mechatronics Engineer in her Zone

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Meet NBian #1907! #1907 is a Mechatronics Engineer working on a circuit board meant for the prototype of an autonomous machine that is able to map its surroundings and navigate through obstacles. But a system like that isn’t the work of a single engineer nor does it happen by chance. She is among a team of Nextbridge engineers working on the design, mechanics …