Hologram Technology

ICONIC TECH: Say Hello to the Future of Hologram Technology

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3D technology has taken you to an alien world in the movies, soon your doctor will be inside your bodies for examination. This is the future of hologram technology! Could you imagine a doctor performing surgery on a holographic image of you? Weird but just to avoid errors, medical holograms will be a part of surgical equipment. Advanced hologram technology …


Homeschooling- Teach your kids at home with the help of Technology

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With the world’s shift towards e-learning and online education, it has become more apparent that homeschooling has made its way back. You can teach your kids at home with help of technology that involves advanced tools, virtual learning platforms, kids learning websites and LMS based software systems. There are many e-learning apps for kids, that you can utilize to teach …

work remotely

Why do Engineers prefer to Work Remotely?

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Dismally, the world went through difficult and uncertain times due to coronavirus catastrophe this year. Tons of millions of workers involuntary had to work remotely and even after four months of period, the experiment has not completely ended. Many business researchers said that the tryout forced by the pandemic might not expire permanently and it will gratefully influence the usual …

brand Strategy

5 ways to map out Brand Strategy: Is your idea a winner?

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To stand out among competitors, many companies build their corporate identity through a well-crafted brand strategy. This may include other brand elements such as branding, brand positioning, etc. You can have the most bright idea, yet it can fail if it lacks a proper brand strategy. You can make a good impression, reach your customers, and accomplish your business goals …

Smart dust

Smart Dust: How will it Impact the Future

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Smart dust is mostly associated with IoT and it is said to revolutionize the world. Wise people often remark such unique situations as bigger things coming in small packages. In this case, it’s literally true as smart dust also known as neural dust is already set to revolutionize the world as we know it. Have you ever noticed how everything …


The Reasons our brain craves Infographics

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Why is visual communication so important? Why is it that you remember pictures more than words? Experts suggest that when you see an image, it stays in your memory first “in the form of a picture”, but also “in the form of a word”. This is known as the “picture superiority effect.” Recall your first memory at work: can you …