Top IT Jobs that Require No Coding

Jobs without coding? Do you want to work in technology without coding? If you seek involvement in the growing tech and your coding skills are lacking, worry not! Not all tech jobs require super programming skills, there are lucrative careers…

Use of Technology in The Restaurant Industry: Types and Importance

How can technology in the foodservice industry be impactful? Don’t you think that restaurants have become convenient over the past decades? It is because technology helps the industry. It keeps its stock levels accurate, keeps the inventory arranged efficiently, and…

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All the Reasons why I Hate Linkedin

LinkedIn has a growing user population and no one can deny its recent popularity. But hear us out, we are not just showing displeasure for the sake of it. There is a reason that we have noticed in recent times.…

Can I use AI to find my Spouse?

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help me find my life partner? The idea seemed creepy nonetheless to a hopeless romantic like me. I have watched enough dystopian movies and TV series like the “west world” to comprehend the sad reality behind…

On the Journey To Find a Software Development Partner

With so many options in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right software development partner? Do you feel that you still quite haven't figured out to “seal the deal”? If you are still looking for the right partner,…

Get Real-Best VR Games you can play right now

Virtual reality is an incredible platform for VR games. It is home to several breathtaking and immersive gaming experiences that you can't get anywhere else. VR games also come with numerous headset choices. From Valve Index and HTC Vive to…

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  • Post published:July 8, 2020

Everything you need to know about Green Technology

To be honest, we are not experts on the subject of green technology. But, this is something very important, that has holds the power of possibility to contribute value in saving the planet. so let’s learn and explore it together.…

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  • Post published:July 7, 2020
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cyber attacks

Is there any End to Cyber attacks?

Do you feel that your data or business is at the risk of cyber attacks? It is interesting that with the shift to remote work, distance learning, and online businesses. Now cyber-security risk has become no#1 global concern. It is…

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  • Post published:July 1, 2020
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Healthcare: 2020

With a predicted $6.6 billion reach by the next year, artificial intelligence is making major waves in the health tech industry that are hard to ignore. From robots performing detailed surgeries to bionic arms, AI and Machine Learning are offering…

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  • Post published:June 18, 2020