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The Best Online Payment Experience Defined

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Customer expectations are inevitably evolving with time. But how to prepare for the unpreventable evolution of your customers’ expectations?

Furthermore, they expect you to keep up with their anticipations and beliefs. If you want to give them an outstanding experience; we unveil some best online payment systems and processes that can help you out.

Those who are running businesses must know that their focus remains on quality customer experiences. The following takeaways can prove to be vital for many of you to offer the perfect payment experience to your buyers.

While many of you yearn to give the ultimate experience to remain competitive, it sometimes gets difficult to figure out where to get started. However, by following the below-shown techniques, you can save your time, resources, and eventually mend your online payment systems.

Best Online Payment Experience to Offer to Your Customers

1- Payment Through Apps

Did you ever think of paying cash through virtual mediums in the past? Cash is solely being used to pay little to small payments, but paying virtually is more eminent among people these days.

If you dine out with your friends or family, you typically pay the bill using social payment apps. Not only that but almost every monetary transaction is carried out by you using a mobile device. You use online channels such as PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, Zelle, Google Play, etc to make a transaction.

Ask yourself this question, how to use this trend to improve the online payment experience?

Since online channels are all the rage, you are obliged to optimize these channels in your businesses. You must ensure that these online payment systems are simple to navigate for your users.

You further make sure that the online payment systems are straightforward. Even if it takes you to run through your business payment processes to conclude how easy or difficult it is.

2- The Convenience Revolution

Did you ever try to comprehend why your customers like to use a particular payment channel? Possibly, it is more significant to know what online portals or mobile apps they prefer as a payment channel.

A study revealed that people used mobile apps or online portals for the reason that they were suitable and adaptable. In comparison, the same study also showed that those who favored non-digital payment channels were concerned about security purposes.

Ask yourself again, how to use this information to improve your online payment experience?

You can try offering omnichannel options to your customers. It involves providing them multiple ways to pay their bills. Such payment method can give the facility to ACH, check, cash, debit/credit card. Furthermore, it can allow your customers to pay from their preferred channels. The transactions types can be as follows:

1- Kiosk Payments
2- Payment via Text Messages
3- Checkout by Phones
4- Downloadable Mobile Payment Apps
5- ACH Payment Processing
6- Use of Plastic Cards such as a Debit/Credit Card
7- Virtual Terminals
8- Web Portal Payment Processing
9- API Bill Payments
10- IVR Bill Payments
11- Online Payment Billing

To cater to their security concerns, you can select an online platform that is the best, pick a trust SaaS platform.

3- Self-service at its Best

Introduce a less paper environment.

For many corporations, a self-service offer truly works. For some improved online payment systems, ensure the two concerns around paperless are well catered.

  1. Missing a bill notification
  2. Being unsure how to enroll

Your online payment systems must dispense payment reminders across channels and that your paperless enrollment process is rapid and straightforward. The can be a clear cut message to defy their doubts.

Never forget to add a note on paper bills that well clarifies how to sign up for this service, and how to sign up at any point during the course of the payment process.

Let payers know that they will get up-to-date bill notifications with clear directions on how to pay.


Just like there is Authorize.Net, PayPal is the most widely used payment gateways, you can introduce a payment service provider (PSP) system as well. You can simplify the payment process bearing in mind the above-mentioned three tips.

If you don’t know how to get started, we are here to offer some help.

We can help you offer a system that can provide advanced fraud detection, accept multiple payment types, customer information manager, invoicing, simple checkout type features.

Would you like to have such a system built for your organization? Contact Nextbridge if you want to.

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