Amazon Astro: the First Home Robot to Ever Exist

Astro: The Home Robot

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How about we imagine a world where humans become entirely dependent on robots? Can robots affect human lives this way? Let’s discuss intelligence and the future of robots!

Astro: The Home Robot

What do you know about the Amazon Astro robot? Would you believe it if we say that it’s a bot, different from other robots? A robot with a ten-inch screen, camera, sensors, and plenty of other tools to go around your home with three wheels and make Wall-E noises?

Ironic, isn’t it?

Astro is Amazon’s long-rumored home assistant that runs on Amazon Alexa. It is available in the US for now with an introductory price of $999. But still, it isn’t that simple to order it online. If you want an Amazon Astro home robot then you have to join a waiting list and hope for an invitation.

Amazon Astro

First Look: The Appearance of Astro

Astro is a robot dog that roams about your house on three wheels, with two huge ones that stop him from getting jammed and a smaller one for rotation. It has a small LCD screen, a wide range of sensors for its feature enablement, a camera that periscopes like a pole, and its body is shaped like a cup holder to transfer something from one room to another.

They’ve given Astro a personality persona so that it may be easier to interact with. But when the live reviews start to pour in, we will know for sure how much of it was a gimmick and how much is reality.

Consider Amazon Astro as R2D2 from Star Wars, a miniature version of R2D2 with the latest tech integrated into it.

First Look The Appearance of Astro

What Can It Do?

Alexa doesn’t have wheels but Astro has three!

Astro can follow your orders and do a great variety of things for you. It can recognize faces, become a nanny for your family, and deliver items from one room to another. It has visual ID support and is backed with computer vision.

It can watch over the house for you and check for any intruders or disturbances. It produces a loud siren if it hears or recognizes anything unusual.

Astro is your robotic Nanny!

The bummer to Astro’s mechanisms is that it cannot go outside of your house, cannot go up and down the stairs, and cannot clean anything on your behalf. It can follow you anywhere playing podcasts and music, and also keep a check on the house remotely. You can ask it to make a few calls, deliver messages, set alarms, and reminders.

Astro is your robotic Nanny

But as the advancements are zooming in, who knows maybe with a few updates or newer models Amazon could double in all its features.

It seems as though where the world is headed and with AI getting breakthrough success, each passing year kind of reminds us of the movie ‘I Robot.’ That movie still is way ahead of its time. Even though we’ve yet to see a robot that could move, jump, talk, and act like a human in every possible way. It’s these small milestones that let us envision that time is not far away.

Think about Tesla’s autonomous cars and how they have revolutionized the automobile industry… It seems as though the case is not so different for Amazon Astro.

Astro Knows Its Limits

There might be some places in your home where you do not want Astro to move around. You can program Amazon Astro to stay off-limits or restricted, if necessary. The great thing is that even if you manually place it in the off-limit area, it automatically exits that place.

Music Partner

Do you want a dance partner but alone in your room listening to your Spotify playlist? Amazon Astro has got your back.

Talk about grooviness to Astro! Amazon Astro can play music to you and become your dance buddy.

Music Partner

Privacy Invasion

Are you concerned about your privacy?

Amazon Astro is super duper cute, but it’s designed in such a way that it adheres to your privacy. It permits you to manually switch off its cameras and voice recorders to protect your privacy.

Can Astro Win Your Hearts?

A hell yes! We mean, what’s wrong with having a moveable Alexa at home anyway!

But, for Astro to outshine, Amazon needs to work on making it more agile. If they’re calling it a home robot then it better be able to climb a flight of stairs or have the ability to go outside of the house at least. But as of now, its architecture doesn’t allow it to do so.

Some ex-employees there have called Astro a self-destructive robot. That even though it cannot climb a flight of stairs it may very well collapse. However, these are just speculations and harsh claims. Only time can tell how Astro is later perceived by the general public.

But despite all the shortcomings it has, would you sign up to get an Amazon Astro home robot?

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