All the Reasons why I Hate Linkedin

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LinkedIn has a growing user population and no one can deny its recent popularity. But hear us out, we are not just showing displeasure for the sake of it. There is a reason that we have noticed in recent times.

This article intends to highlight the recent rise of frustration among LinkedIn users. Many people have voiced their concerns about it. Let’s just jump right into it.

The reasons why I hate LinkedIn

  1. The majority of the people mistake it for just another social media channel, where they can post updates about what they ate in lunch. I mean we are all up for digital sharing. But, its main purpose seems to be lost, which is to build a professional network. Repeat after me, it’s not Facebook!!!
  2. Unwanted spam emails and messages. I mean if you have a query, kindly get to the point. The purpose of this platform is to save us all time and effort. Why would you drop me “Hi?”
  3. There is this recent surge in fake profiles pretending to be businesses and companies asking about resumes and personal information. Beware, before you share any personal data with them. LinkedIn must revisit its privacy and security policies to set some system in place.
  4. What is about these organizations posting jobs? I mean the whole reason behind LinkedIn is that the candidate will instantly apply and won’t have to go through a lengthy process. You can easily fetch the information as a job poster. Yeah, another “Clickbait” tactic to post a job and share a link to a website. Yes, that might bring temporary traffic on the website, but it’s off-putting.
  5. Why isn’t there any criterion for those who join LinkedIn? Now everyone can just sign up and spam the whole feed. You go on LinkedIn looking for useful content. Yet, all you find is people trying to brag about “incident” that never happened. (Yes Susan, please write fiction rather than posting made up stories to get attention)
  6. To visit LinkedIn also means to read updates quickly with precise and meaningful content. I mean, if I wanted to read a full essay length status. I would download the e-book myself.
  7. If the use storm cannot be contained or streamlined. The best way to make a professional network atmosphere is to separate the business community from those, who are just casual visitors. This way, we can get to know “verified” business accounts for privacy and security purpose.
  8. It’s not just the spamming of irrelevant notifications but those robotic messages to say “congrats on a new role” make no sense but annoy the hell out of me. I mean getting notifications about some company posting a picture. What’s up with the algorithms LinkedIn? ( Maybe you can copy Instagram and add an explorer page)
  9. It’s not as real as you see. The pretentious and toxic behavior, where people ask you to give fake recommendations on the added skills. I don’t come on LinkedIn so people can get on my back to give them fake reviews. ( No, it’s not a favor, you are committing an unethical act by deceiving employers)
  10. LinkedIn has 467 million users, yet it is experiencing a strange drop-in “millennial users.” It is alarming because this virtual networking and digital networking is not appealing to the younger lot, who want authenticity.
  11. It is need of the hour that LinkedIn needs to up its game concerning CRM solutions for easy and quick navigation.

It’s not all bad- The love-hate relationship with Linkedin

Take it as positive criticism about the things that a large number of people have directly expressed as per our observation. It doesn’t deny the fact that LinkedIn has helped many people to connect with their own community or relevant connections. Yet, the above-mentioned points stay strong like daylight!

Not to gloat or anything, but I would rather go on twitter and directly answer the questions. That saves my time and the person interacting with me. Rather than sending “photoshopped good morning texts” or irrelevant content into someone’s inbox. ( I mean people get a grip! It’s not a dating site, but professional networking social site)

Have you seen those stalkers? They won’t add you or have nothing to do with your industry. yet, pop up once in a while. And of course, LinkedIn makes sure to send “notification” about who viewed your profile. Its downright creepy, there I said it!

Build your own social networking site like Linkedin from scratch

Professional networking is not done by sending random 500+ invitation requests to strangers. It’s more personal, relevant, and targeted. With the advanced technologies and information disruption, people know what they are seeing.

So they aren’t surely buying that made up an inspirational article posted on LinkedIn. There are different extensions and tools that you can use as an alternative to creating a more personalized experience. Although I would rather develop a website of my own similar to LinkedIn or maybe a more personalized professional networking platform.

Are you facing the above-mentioned challenges? If these thoughts have gone through your head. Maybe its time to build a more personalized social networking site for businesses, organizations, and even professionals. Why compromise your marketing with LinkedIn? When you will end up resorting to MailChimp anyway!

Let’s discuss that bright idea of yours. We know “hate” is such a strong word. But why wait? When you can build anything with all the latest technologies. You can even hire remote developers of your choice to make it easy for you.

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