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5 Pieces of Advice for those Learning to Code

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Programmers face a lot of challenges when it comes to learning code. However, the 5 most common challenges in learning to code are universal. This means that all coders go through problems and you’re not alone!

If you’re struggling with coding, then you need to find out where exactly are you struggling. This is usually the case with many newbies. Interestingly, many newbie coders jump in the field with enthusiasm but in practical terms, they get disheartened and back out straight away. However, like any other thing in life-giving up is not an option for you and you must find out ways where you can slowly transform yourself and deal with the problem. Here are some of the common challenges in learning to code:

1- Find Purpose:

This might sound like it’s a cliché yet it is a fundamental way and one of the biggest reasons why coders struggle with programming. Don’t learn or practice programming if you don’t know why you’re doing it. Many aspirants become coders or get enrolled in a program simply because of the fact that they have heard that it pays well. Remember, while money is a big motivation it never really becomes the only one.

The point to be stressed is here is the fact that when the going gets tough, you don’t give up. Finding purpose in what you do is just as important as moving towards a better skillset. There can be a number of reasons why you want to be a coder. Perhaps, you’re into making apps that can add value in people’s lives.

2- Deciding your Technology:

Don’t just jump in on any programming language. Your job should be in understanding why you want to learn something to begin with. The point to be stressed here is the fact that you should have an objective and similarly select your tools. Don’t be a master of all, because you can’t. You’re only human and you have limitations and it’s better you learn to live with it.

Here are a few examples where you can decide which programming language you want to go with:

For iOS apps: Objective C or Swift. As Apple itself suggests that these languages are the best to build iOS apps.

For Android app: Java is the perfect language to build android apps.

For Web Applications: JavaScript

By the way, if you’re looking for some great coders to help you out on your mobile application or website, then our team can guide you in the right direction.

3- Challenges in Learning to Code – Edge Cases:

What are edge cases? In coding terminology, edge cases are those cases where you’ve written code for a webpage and seemingly it looks fine with good functionality. However, edge cases occur when in a different scenario the code breaks down. In other words, you need to see all the edges for a single case and make sure that the code works fine under all circumstances.

This offers you a chance to self-reflect on your approach and look for ways that your code could’ve been perfected. If you do find alternatives, which you will then you need to list down pros and cons for each. If you move forward without thinking twice, you’ll in trouble because your code will breakdown.

4- Don’t Copy Code:

We know that you often get tasks that might be similar in nature and you’re tempted to copy code. If you copy the code, then of course it can work but basically, you’re not learning anything. Besides, copying code still needs to modified every time you do it at least in some cases if not all.

5- What to do – How to Approach Tasks?

Instead of copying code, we suggest getting yourself familiar with the theory itself. The theory normally includes language syntax, programming paradigms and how an API works. Once your theory is solid, then implementation in different cases wouldn’t be a problem. This can be one of the most common challenges in learning to code. The best way to approach Challenges in learning to code is through getting your grip firmly on the theory and its implementation.

Challenges in learning to code are quite different for different programmers. However, struggle is something that everyone goes through. The essence of coding lies in finding your purpose and getting the strength to navigate problems. Our team of expert coders have all these qualities as we love to take on challenges. We know how to deviate all the major challenges in mobile and website development. Don’t hesitate to give us a holler!

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