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Bridge the Gap – Advent of Serious Game-Based Learning in Education

  • Post published:February 4, 2021

Do you know the oldest board game in the world? Its Senet, a board game that was played in ancient Egypt. However, it’s interesting to note that this game has evolved and taken many shapes and types over the period of time. There are examples of it being very similar to a modern popular game, that we now know as chess. Over the years, the game industry has transformed and undergone many revolutionary changes which also include the rise in ‘serious game’ or ‘game-based learning’. Educational games are winning the ‘game’ across the globe, and you can see for yourself:


When you hear the word game, the thing that instantly comes to your mind is basically something similar to entertainment and fun. While on the other hand, when you hear about learning or education, it often appears as something mundane and boring. But combining both became very popular and hence now we have game-based learning.

So what is all the fuss about?

Let’s find out together!

The Buzz about Serious Game-Based Learning

It means that you can develop web games, console games, cloud computing games, mobile games concerning different learning subjects and you can achieve your desired goals. The goals are mainly related to learning models. Just like in a normal game, you have a player who is trying to go from level 1 to the next level, in the game-based learning you have a similar task but the person might be learning about a new language, being trained, or learning a new subject. I mean who wouldn’t want to get a certificate by just playing on a cellphone? Don’t know about you, but it sounds like music to my ears.

The Buzz about Serious Game-Based Learning

The recent research and stats reveal that there is a rise in game-based learning and it is becoming a huge industry segment within the gaming industry. There are games being produced with technology such as virtual reality games for healthcare, well-being, and even simulation games for training purposes.

Aren’t you curious to find out more about it? Because we are, as a dry subject like mathematics can be made fun of while using this game-based learning approach.

Let’s see what is all the buzz about, to see if this holds any promising results or potential.

Leverage the remarkable benefits with Game-Based Learning

With the rise in serious game-based learning, you can use the latest advanced technology to create games for different age groups and user segments within the market. There can be games for school children about subjects, gamed based apps for online professionals, and game-based learning apps and platforms for professional training and skills courses.

benefits with Game-Based Learning

With the rise in game-based learning, we can now venture into knowing about the many benefits that we can get, and here goes everything:

  • You can use this approach to reinforce the learning methods and processes to achieve more productivity and efficiency.
  • You can inculcate a variety of activities in order to engage and motivate the learners and the studies show that this has proven effective. So you can achieve the desired goals using this model.
  • In this way, you can provide prompt feedback to the learners and players within the game. This way, you can reflect upon the performance of the players and automatically increasing productivity.
  • To promote an online and digital learning atmosphere, you can use game-based learning to engage more people with their peers, with fellow students and professionals looking for training. Thus, it will stimulate a larger pool of people across the globe.
  • It is a very practical way to look at learning even though it has an element of fun in it, which means that you can promote skills-based learning. With the human attention span going lower, you can bet that this is one of the most innovative ways to look at the world.
  • Game-based learning has to be proven productive and result-oriented, as this can be used to promote skills such as problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and decision making.
  • You can keep it engaging while using elements such as storytelling, different modalities, and also reward-based learning. So that the player is not only aiming to learn something interesting, but they also look forward to the incentive at the end.

The most important factor in this serious game-based learning is that one has to keep a balance. Developers, designers, and all the teams engaged in such projects play a significant role from maintaining the correctness of information to the aesthetics, everything has to be kept balanced. It’s a serious business because it is currently changing the way we look at game development e-learning and edTech. You can even train surgeons using Virtual Reality.


If you are someone who is interested to create any game-based educational game or learning games, you’ve landed at the right place.

Move along!

Bridge the Gap – Engage Students with Game-Based Learning Environment

You can bridge the gap by utilizing game-based learning models and approaches to create engaging and entertaining educational games. It requires you to have a clear idea about what you want and then implement it with help of top app developers. Now it can be an online educational platform, online educational web app or mobile app for a school, an online academy, or educational platform. whatever it is, don’t just jump into it.

Not to throw a shade, but you really can make a huge difference using technology. In order to perfectly execute that idea, you need the right people on your side with practical hands-on skills and experience.

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