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7 Pay Per Click Growth Hacks You Need to Know

  • Post published:August 25, 2022

PPC is the modern and most effective way of advertising on the search engine. Before we try to explore the ways of creating winning PPC campaigns, it is important to know what PPC marketing is and how it works.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most modern and useful way of advertising which has different types and channels. Everytime a person clicks on the ad the advertiser has to pay a little amount for that click to the search engine that is Google. This is a way of getting more clicks for your products or services inorganically.

PPC Campaign

How to make a winning PPC Campaign?

To create a winning PPC campaign one needs a defined goal. If you don’t know your objective, what you want to achieve from this campaign then you are pointlessly paying money to Google. With a certain goal such as awareness, engagement or conversions, you need to select the type of PPC campaign. It can be a search, display, video or shopping ads campaign.

The advertiser then researches and selects the keywords from the keyword planner, places them into the ad groups and campaigns, and then writes ad copies and description for the ad. The landing pages are then built within the website and your campaign is good to go. Once you are done, PPC in marketing will help you elevate your PPC campaign to the next level.

Growth Hacks

We have compiled some growth hacks to help you make winning PPC campaigns.

Growth Hacks

In depth Remarketing Audience:

The click through rate for setting an in depth remarketing audience increases up to 10 times than choosing the traditional audience. When you are selecting the audience for PPC ads remarket the audience that has already been to your website. There are many people who like or go to the shopping page but not necessarily complete the process, but if you encourage them a little you can win them as potential customers. The stats show that 70% of the retargeted customers are converted.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords:

Long tail keywords have low Seo and paid difficulty, CPC is lesser and the search volumes are higher in relevance. The secret to use long tail keywords lies in that people who are searching for specific things are more likely to convert. Start off by going more specific with long tail keywords so that you don’t get irrelevant clicks. These keywords can make you more money and generate more sales as they have lower cost per click rates.

Don’t be Afraid of Using Exclusions

You should always use exclusions in your ads for hyper-focused audiences that are more likely to convert. Let’s say your targeted audience does not fall under the category of shoes, you can exclude the audience who is searching for shoes in a simple way. Exclusions really allow you to spend your money towards the audience that is more likely to convert.

Test Different Locations

Create audience segments using different locations. Locations can be tested in three different ways such as

  • using location based keywords
  • Geo-targeting a radius
  • Using both radius as well as keywords

Add Extensions to your ad:

You should add extensions to your ad in order to get more clicks from the targeted audience. Some of the ways of adding extensions are listing your products, services, phone numbers, new pages and so on. According to google, adding extensions will increase your CTRs to 10 to 15 percent.

Implement UTM Tracking

Tracking ads performance is inevitable for your ads campaign strategy. To know what is working and what is not tracking makes it easy for the advertisers. UTM codes are an essential way of keeping track of your ads. You can have a look at detailed analysis of the campaign through Google Analytics.

Running Ads on Competitors Keywords

Use competitors keywords to run ads in order to get a good return on investment. With tools such as ubersuggest one can get all of the competitor’s keywords list on which they are ranking and getting more traffic for. Use those keywords to practically get more clicks and hack your way into generating more sales.

PPC Management Services

If you are looking for effective PPC management services for your brand, you have landed at the right place. At Nextbridge, we have experts for professional PPC management. We ensure that your campaigns reach the right audience and offer amazing returns in the form of sales. For more details, feel free to reach out to us.