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The Best Brain Training Apps That You Can Download For Free

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Your brain is the command center and indeed the most significant organ of your body. But don’t you think you take it for granted? Let’s find out how and how you can improve with brain training apps!

In a world where people are cautious about health and fitness, why is it that you don’t train your brain to stay mentally fit? Whether you are health conscious or not, you certainly do not want your brain to diminish. There’s an old saying “knowledge is power”. Hence, to live a fine-looking life, you must try to attain the highest intelligence because one can never be smart enough. This is why brain training apps are being used by tens of millions of people worldwide.

Don’t work hard, work intelligently through these amazing brain training apps!

Brain: hey stupid, I’m your ruler

While technology is on the rise, the average IQ is on the decline. People are getting dumber and the environment is to blame. For the reason that you mostly stay uptight and stressed, justifiably your intelligence quotient score is weakened. Question climbs, can you do something to keep your mind sharp, attentive, and focused? Without a doubt, there are brain training apps and games to improve memory and concentration and they are FIVE-STAR!

Let’s take a deeper dive into 6 evidence-based brain training apps in 2020 that offer the best brain-boosting benefits. Sing along, “It will work out, you don’t have to doubt”.

Ignite the Brain with CogniFit Brain Fitness app

Want to uphold a healthy lifestyle? The CogniFit Brain Fitness application is the only brain training app for seniors that is scientifically validated to mature your memory and cognitive skills in a professional yet fun way. The application is available on both Android and iOS.

As your brain is unique, you want training tailored to your specific needs. This neuropsychological brain training app is personalized to each user, starting with a short assessment to make you well-known of your stronger areas and parts where you could use some training.

Play, learn and improve your brain with Luminosity App

Creativity needs to be trained, so take a ten-minutes Luminosity fit test to challenge your memory, problem-solving, attention, and more. It is one of the best brain training apps that consists of science-based games. The app includes 40+ best brain games & activities that are carefully organized set of games for you. Luminosity is available for free on the web and for iOS devices.

Try the total brain workout with Elevate app

Does it make you feel guilty that you don’t exercise your brain? Finally, get time to improve your brain fitness with Elevate application. Memory reading, comprehension, concise writing are the skills that you can improve with this app. It’s not like regular brain training apps, but it is designed to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more.

Elevate is currently Google’s Editor’s Choice also selected by Apple as App of the year.

Push yourself with Peak app

Peak app was once chosen as the ‘Best app in 2014’ around the world. It was developed in collaboration with Neuroscience experts from the University of Cambridge to help individuals challenge their cognitive skills and reach their peak point.

You can enjoy 40 fun games, learn categories to outshine in, get access to peak pro training strategies to get in-depth insights and performance tracking.

Keep your brain alive with BrainHQ

BrainHQ offers the best brain games that focus on elemental parts of your brain such as speed and accuracy. You will gain quota in confidence, enhanced mood, you become more functional, also gain balance in everyday cognition. It is one of the best brain games online containing games to improve memory and concentration too.

The personalized trainer in HQ works exactly like a private trainer for your brain and gives you more challenging pieces of training as per your performance. This application does not provide a platform for games only but it includes a fantastic amount of brain-related information as well.

Are you brain dead? Don’t worry it will live with Brain Test 2

Brain death is death! No kidding but are you not looking for some serious fun through brain training apps? This brain training app is so cool; trust me you will become an addict. If you are bored stiff of riddles and brain tests, get ready to be befuddled as there will be loads of mind-twisting and trick puzzles to play. The app makes you think outside the box and disrupts common sense. You will get unexpected answers to puzzles – the best choice for all ages and genders, the finest part is that you can play it offline too. Yippee!

Wait, there’s something else to share…  Brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand improves brain health & self-control? DID YOU KNOW?

Congrats, you are now less dumb!

Are you interested in a similar idea of building brain training apps to boost your brain activity? Bring in all your smart ideas and share them with our creatives at Nextbridge and see what amazing app we can come up with together!

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