What are the roles of LMS interface design and LMS user experience?

Importance of LMS Interface Design and LMS User Experience

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Are you planning to train your employees through a learning management system? Are you exploring the liabilities of LMS interface design and LMS user experience? There are a variety of solutions available in the market with different user experiences. Let’s explore some of those together today! Are you planning to evaluate your current platform’s user experience? Read this article as …

Ai-Ready Country This Is How They Would Look Like

Here’s What an AI-ready Country Would Look like!

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Do you know how AI is changing the world? Be prepared as an AI-ready country is all the rage! Every AI breakthrough has always been the front page of the news, regardless of its magnitude. Advancements in AI have been centered around projects addressing a certain problem but to be able to look at it on a broader scale is …

Amazon Astro: the First Home Robot to Ever Exist

Astro: The Home Robot

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How about we imagine a world where humans become entirely dependent on robots? Can robots affect human lives this way? Let’s discuss intelligence and the future of robots! Astro: The Home Robot What do you know about the Amazon Astro robot? Would you believe it if we say that it’s a bot, different from other robots? A robot with a …

Want to Know How Smart Home Trends Impact Our Lives?

Smart Home Trends: What’s Now and What’s Next?

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Are you exploring smart home trends in 2022? Are you planning home renovation using smart home technology? Here are all your answers! Everyone knows how smart home technology uplifts our lives and makes things easier and automated. Look around your homes, do you see gadgets everywhere? Smart appliances, automated machines, smart fridges, and smart stoves for your elders? Your house …

The Haul: Virtual Marketplace platform for the pop culture

The Haul: for Anyone Who Likes Cool Things

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ReedPop, the biggest event creator, could surprise the pop community by organizing a comic con event but they chose to do something else instead. Just recently, they launched a fun virtual marketplace platform known as ‘The Haul’ that is a place to rejoice for the nerds and geeks. Super curious to know what it is? Let’s Learn What ‘The Haul’ …