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The Present and Future of Fintech- A guide for dummies

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Banks, Financial institutions, and insurance agencies moved to digital ways of doing business that resulted in the inception and development of Fintech. It is commonly referred to as Financial tech, hence the products such as banking apps, banking platforms, and finance software systems are the product of this amazing technology. Now financial services have broadened its horizon to cryptocurrency, Robo-advising, …

robot author

Robot author? Can AI replace copywriters?

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Did you know that you’ve read a bot article written by a robot author at least once in your life? Is it cringy info? Well, we are not making this stuff up. While huge advancements are being made in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning domains, almost every other content writer asks this question, is the world using AI to write …


Why are Chatbots becoming so popular?

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“Welcome to our store! Let me know if you have questions about any of our products?” or “My name is Sofia and I will be your virtual personal shopping assistant today. Is there anything I can help you with?” Does this ring any bells? As you may or may not have noticed but when you bought goods online, your queries …


Tempting ways to make a User-Centric Sales Funnel

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Ever bought something off the internet? Maybe some websites you stumbled on and really liked the product or service? You probably went through a user-centric sales funnel. Sales funnels have always been present and to some extent quite effective as well but with the advent of digital marketing things have ramped up pretty fast. The need for a user-centric sales …