AIoT Technology - The smart market segments

AIoT Technology – The smart market segments

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AIoT- The simplest definition for this technology is to redefine and reimagine life with smart technology. It provides a remarkable combination of artificial intelligence and IoT. Imagine you are are going on a road trip but your car breaks down in the middle of the road. But a smart assistant has already booked a mechanic for you because it knew …

Whats their technology stack Solution stacks used by billion-dollar companies

What’s their Technology Stack? Solution Stacks used by Billion Dollar Companies

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Are you familiar with the fact that picking the right technology stack can ensure the performance of your product? Yeah, that’s right. If you’re part of a tech sector, you’ve perhaps heard the term ‘technology stack’ afore. A technology stack or solution stack is a very important concept in technology and understanding it is very crucial for the victory of …

Designing a Website for the 5 Senses

Designing a Website for the 5 Senses

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Are you looking for the best strategy in designing a website? You need to read this blog! Everything we touch, see, taste, hear and smell tends to stay with us in some way or another. The first time we touched something soft, tasted a candy, saw a rainbow, heard a song & smelled a flower. Through our senses, we feel …

How to Maximize your Reach through Google Knowledge Graph

How to Maximize your Reach through Google Knowledge Graph?

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SEO is a multifaceted field and its implementation is a world of its own. In fact, Google’s algorithm is all for SEO techniques that can increase the value of a user’s experience. One such facet is Google knowledge graph. Introduced in 2012, Google’s knowledge graph was incorporated in Google’s algorithm because it offered a way through which systematized information could …

10 Reasons why our local government needs to build online apps

10 Reasons why your Local Government needs to Build Online Apps

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Many government institutions are creating online apps and mobile app initiatives to connect the government with people. This is a phenomenal step to bridge the communication barrier against all challenges and follow all security standards with a data-driven approach. With the advent of smart cities, sustainable development, and the influx of urbanization. It has become a challenge for many countries …

5 design thinking principles to apply in software product development

5 Design Thinking Principles to apply in Software Product Development

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How do you solve your daily life problems? Do you start with identifying the root cause or quickly come up with a solution using the same old strategy? Undoubtedly, you all have your ways of solving problems, but the way you think about problems directly influences your ability to solve them. Do you know what’s special about design thinking? This …

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Where is it going in 2020

Artificial Intelligence: Where is it heading in 2020?

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We have been following the latest exploration and advances in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As this technology is continuously evolving and advancing very quickly in the world, we thought to provide you what’s hottest in the world of AI, currently. From all the breaking artificial intelligence news, underneath are some latest covering a variety of departments …


How does Stripe work? Stripe vs Paypal.

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Many online businesses, start-ups, and enterprise-level businesses use stripe as a payment getaway to receive payments, send-out payments, and manage their financial matters effectively. You can compare and decide the most suitable payment processor that works according to the compliance standards. Why do you need stripe? Stripe software and APIs can be used that are very much similar to your …