All the Reasons why I Hate Linkedin

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LinkedIn has a growing user population and no one can deny its recent popularity. But hear us out, we are not just showing displeasure for the sake of it. There is a reason that we have noticed in recent times. This article intends to highlight the recent rise of frustration among LinkedIn users. Many people have voiced their concerns about …

professional networking

The role of Professional Networking in the age of Remote Work

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Relationship building is not the same as it was at the start of 2020. You will be hearing a lot about virtual networking and professional networking. You can stay connected through online presence and connecting with the digital world. The same goes for the employees in your organization, where you can get them on board through online conferencing tools or …

blended learning

Futuristic Learning: How Blended Learning is Becoming a Trend in Education

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Let’s be frank about it, schools do not seem like traditional schools any longer. Today’s high schoolers are learning how to fly drones, using computers as a replacement for paper and pencils, and 3D printing their art drawings. In regular education, you used to sit under the same roof, and the study pattern was teacher-driven. A teacher would come to …


Can I use AI to find my Spouse?

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Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help me find my life partner? The idea seemed creepy nonetheless to a hopeless romantic like me. I have watched enough dystopian movies and TV series like the “west world” to comprehend the sad reality behind AI dating apps or websites. At first, I thought of online matrimony sites empowered by artificial intelligence. Then I turned …

software development partner

On the Journey To Find a Software Development Partner

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With so many options in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right software development partner? Do you feel that you still quite haven’t figured out to “seal the deal”? If you are still looking for the right partner, that can understand your mindset and meets your expectation. This article aims to guide you in identifying the partner and …


Why is Julia jumping the popularity chart? The changing game of technical computing

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Julia is becoming increasingly popular among programmers and we need to know why. So, we decided to do jump into the subject of Julia computing, as to why it is jumping up in the popularity chart. A recent survey suggested that Julia stands among the most loved languages by programmers. (Yes. We can see Python and JavaScript fans squinting in …


Is there an afterlife for your Gadgets (laptops, mobile phones)?

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We know that gadgets and devices come with certain age and lifecycle. The world has this balancing act that everything disappears after its “time” is over. It is also applied to tangible non-living things because we are always using them. You’d be surprised to know that your mobile phone comes with “never-ending death.” Yes, it’s true that even though you …

VR Games

Get Real-Best VR Games you can play right now

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Virtual reality is an incredible platform for VR games. It is home to several breathtaking and immersive gaming experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. VR games also come with numerous headset choices. From Valve Index and HTC Vive to standalone stars like the Oculus Quest to the low-key console compatible PlayStation VR, there’s a headset to suit a range …