The quickly changing dynamics of your business necessitate that you don’t just look for good software, but Good Engineers who can keep up with what you need done- when you need it done. Our engineers work within the best technological framework at our purpose-built Development Centers to guarantee efficient communication, and access to the best technologies.

Dedicated Resources

A developer dedicated to your project has no other commitments. When it comes to improving your output Nextbridge delivers, not only superior service but quality assurance, speed and economy. Our developers may be off-shore but thanks to our synergized and efficacious integration, the experience will equal to having us by your side at all times; trained to take on new challenges.

Project Management

What distinguishes Nextbridge is our approach to cross-functional collaboration. You get a well-trained team of developers, as well as the support and insight of experienced engineers and business analysts. Besides the engineers that are working on your project, you get a Pilot to navigate through the course of development. So, all you have to do is tell us what you need.

Customized Solutions

A solution customized to your business needs can be instrumental in gaining the competitive edge. We understand that each industry has it’s own dynamics and you require a sustainable but specific solution. To this end, your development team under Nextbridge can keep pace with the constantly evolving needs of your business.

How We Work

Specialized Divisions

Your vteams operate as remote employees In collaboration with Nextbridge, combining over 19 years of experience with a body of dedicated and skilled developers.

As one of the pioneers in mobile development Appdev360 provides holistic solutions in mobile development. Appdev360 operates under the umbrella of Nextbridge as a contingent of vteams.

Our dedicated division, PressTigers, focuses on making WordPress websites that shine. We develop products such as plug-ins and templates for all WordPress site solutions.

Our Network Engineers 24/7NE provide the complete facility of network services from server setup, migration and disaster recovery to management and security.